The Walking Dead - S04-E15 - "Us"

The Walking Dead
Season Four, Episode Fifteen.

The tunnel of love


It’s a freaking trap, right? It has to be.

I’m going to guess that Terminus is like a Venus flytrap of sorts, luring the survivors in only to kill (or maybe eat!?) them and take their supplies. Seems waaaay too idyllic. Also, why does it seem to be mostly empty? The gates were also unlocked. I guess we’ll find out next episode.

But before we get to predicting the horror that will surely comprise the season finale, let’s talk about love.

That’s right. Love. I’ve noticed there have been more moments of love, hope and humour in the back half of this season and I think it has been great. I thought last season was way too bleak with misery piled on misery piled on misery. There’s only so much of that one can take before you need a bit of a break. So when Rick said “It’s for you” at the end of episode nine, it was the start of something good. Bob kissing Sasha was another nice moment which was then followed by the two of them reuniting with Maggie to become friends again. My favourite lighter moments lately have come from Michonne, Carl and Rick, with the initial door knock and Carl and Michonne’s ongoing teasing and banter. Can Carl and Michonne get any more adorable? Also, after much selfish desperation Glenn and Maggie finally get their kissyface reunion this episode so that’s a good thing (also freeing them up to be less one-tracked minded going forward).

So. What happens next?

I think the group that arrived at Terminus will probably get split up as they are seduced by Terminus and one by one will start to realize all is not right in this utopia. It will likely cost at least one of their lives (Maggie or Glenn? Bob or Sasha?) and just as things start to get real, Rick, Michonne and Carl will arrive. They will help start to get things under control before Joe and his ruffians arrive, sending everything back into chaos again. Bloodbath. Casualties. Terminus goes up in flames. The only thing I can’t figure out is where Beth figures into all of this? Was it someone from Terminus that took her away? Was the funeral home like a mini remote Terminus-run trap? Wait. Carol, Tyreese and Judith are still out there as well. How do they figure in? Looks like the season finale is going to get messy. I just hope it’s in a good kind of messy.

How about it, Steve? Does everyone that arrives, survive? Is this the happy ending we’ve been waiting for?

It has to be, right?

Daryl really needs to work on his claims
The consensus at my office seems to be that it is a feeding ground of people! That lady that greeted them was super creepy,  and very alone. For being the last safe place it seemed to be very empty. Something doesn't smell right, and I don't think it's whatever is cooking in her pot.

This uplifting trend has been a real nice change. However I am sick of Maggie and Glenn! I'm glad they have found each other, that's great, really, because now we can focus of something else, like Beth. The Michonne and Carl banter was great, they even got a smile out  of Rick! Carl and Michonne's relationship is fun to watch.

Does Terminus go up in flames or do they manage to take it over. If it is some messed up feeding ground maybe our hero's take it over and actually do turn it into a safe heaven. With only one episode left are we even going to see a majority of Terminus? I think the next group will get there and there will be no sign of the other group. We, the viewers, will have to wait until next season to find out. I think we might be stuck with a bigger cliff hanger than we are expecting. I would like some closure on Beth though.

-Has Maggie totally given up on Beth being alive? Has she even mentioned her after the prison?
-Has Daryl totally given up on Beth?
-I really liked that Eugene calculated and navigated them to meet up with Glenn and Tara again. “After I save the world, I still have to live with myself.”
-I find myself not caring about Daryl’s adventures with The Band of Wandering Assholes, led by the guy who wasWillow’s evil magic dealer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yeah, he’s backsliding into being a follower. We get it but we’ve been through this before. Why can’t Daryl’s storyline be his ongoing search for a barber?
-I think (hope) Daryl is just bidding his time. He knows they are on the hunt for Rick. He is just going to wait for his chance to move. Adapt and survive. Hopefully there is no case of Stockholm syndrome...
- A coworker noticed some potentially ominous foreshadowing about Terminus

Blair’s Episode MVPs: Eugene
Blair’s Episode MVPs: Eugene
Blair’s Episode Grades: B
Blair’s Episode Grades: 87
Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Beth
Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Glenn