The Walking Dead - S03-E03 - "Walk with Me"

The Walking Dead Season Three, Episode Three.

"Walk with Me"

"Ssshhhh, be vewwy vewwy quiet..."

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“It sounds like you’re trying to impose logic onto chaos.” – Andrea

‘Ello guv’nah!

Welcome to Woodbury. This episode gives us the full tour, choosing not to distract us with any glimpses of Jailhouse Rick’s bunch. I think this is a smart choice because we get to juxtapose the two leaders of the show’s two groups in what appears to be a season-long collision course. In one corner, we have an increasingly desperate and unhinged Rick guiding around his ragtag band of merry misfits. In the other corner, we have a cool, collected and very organized Governor who walks with a swagger and harbors an inner decay that only a few people seem to be able to smell.

By only focusing on Woodbury, the episode also lets us imagine what an episode of

The Walking Dead 

would be like without Lori on the show. Let’s just say I could get used to it.

Aside from introducing the much anticipated Governor character, we also get reacquainted with the long-lost Merle Dixon who is now sporting a very Ash-from


-esque look with a weapon for a hand (let’s hope he comes across a chainsaw somewhere along the way). While we knew it was bound to happen eventually, the reinsertion of Merle into the mix makes me really hope he quickly becomes more than the menacing one-dimensional hick stereotype we saw in season one. Michael Rooker is a good actor and I really hope he gets more to work with than before. Fingers crossed.

While Andrea seems to be warming up to the idea of hanging around town, Michonne’s spider sense is tingling something fierce. I hope we learn more about her sooner rather than later as the whole silent ninja and My Pet Zombie routine is starting to lose its mystique.

More than once this episode I got a 


vibe from the Woodbury setting. It was like being introduced to The Others and their setup, not to mention how much the Governor’s scientist and consigliere looked like 

Ben Linus


What were your impressions of Woodbury, Steve? Idyllic sanctuary or festering hellmouth?

Our first adventure sans Rick, and I have to say it was a nice change of scenery. Nice clean new characters in a nice clean new setting. But how do you get such a nice setting in the midst of a zombie apocalypse? Who is this Governor? 

Great to see Merle again. It appears that he has made his way up the Gov's chain of command, almost to a right hand man position. I'm curious to see how his past relationship with Andrea affects things. Aside from his concern for his brother, be it anger or love, he seems to be a bit more docile. For being so hotheaded the last time we saw him the Gov seems to have tamed the beast that is Merle. Easily qualming the dispute between him and the scientist. Which raises the question, What shit has the Gov done to merit that kind of respect?

Initially I was confused by the Gov. I was under the impression that he was a bad ass leader of some militia. Three quarters of the episode dismissed this preconceived notion and I was on board with the Gov. With his +5 Vest of Diplomacy and Boots of Leadership he seemed to be the real deal. A chance at a new beginning. To an extent... I wasn't as propaganda swooned as Andrea, but not quite as uneasy as Michonne, I was somewhere in the middle, with a bit of lean towards Michonne.

I also liked that the people of Woodbury called them "Biters" not Walkers. This shows how people have been cut off from each other. Different groups would come up with different names for them. This seems to be one of the Gov's pastimes, as he quickly coined the term "Lurker" for Michonne's pets. 

Speaking of her pets I was shocked to see her dispose of them, seemingly effortlessly. However when breached on the matter by Andrea she quickly shuts down. I do hope she opens up more soon, I agree, she is starting to lose her mystique

Then we see the Gov spread more good will by offering to go and save the rest of the soldiers, or so we are lead to believe. I truly was shocked when he shot the CO. BUT! At the same time I understand his motive. He has a group of 75(almost) people to look after. To kill a squad of soldiers, that they have no affiliation to, and take their supplies was, in my opinion, the right move for his group. As he clearly doesn't need extra man power!


-Did The Governor’s little collection of zombie heads in aquariums 

remind anyone else of Futurama


-I was wondering what that glow was from...was not expecting that. What is the reason/significance of the zombiequarium?

-How long before the Woody Woodbury gang find the prison?

-Can we credit the POV from the woods watching Carol in episode 2 to one of the Gov's men? If so then it can't be too long...

-Was it just me, or did Merle’s face show a hint of uncertainty at the Governor’s ruthless massacre of the military convoy? It can’t be a good sign if even Merle smells something off about Governor.

-There is some crazyness in the Gov's past that I can't wait to find out about!

-How far, distance-wise, the prison is from Woodbury? Where are the 

Game of Thrones 

map-style opening credits when you need them?

-I have been curious about this the Googles! Here is an image of the locations pertaining to season 3.

Here is the map outlining all three seasons

Blair’s Episode MVP: 

The Governor. I thought David Morrisey gave a nice, nuanced performance of a seemingly complicated villain. There’ll be plenty of time to chew scenery later.

Steve's Episode MVP:

I would have to go with the Gov too. Hope to learn much more about him

Blair’s Episode Grade: 


Steve’s Episode Grade:

2 thumbs 

Blair’s Deadpool Pick: 

Lori’s unborn baby

Steve’s Deadpool Pick:

Assuming we are back at the jail next week I am going to go with Beth