The Walking Dead - S04-E08 - "Too Far Gone"

The Walking Dead
Season Four, Episode Eight.
"Too Far Gone"

"I've made a huge mistake."



JUUUUDDDDIIITTTHHHH! The only reason I’m not quitting this show right now is because the fate of my favourite character Judith was left a bit ambiguous. Sure, a bloody baby carrier was enough for Rick and Carl but on a show like this, we’re going to need a little more evidence than that. Especially with so much chaos. Someone could have grabbed her and taken off. My guess? Tara.

"Pris-on-ers, come out and plaaaaa-aaaayyyy."

As intense and chaotic as the bloodbath was in the faceoff between the prison and The Governor’s gang, I couldn’t help feel like this what we should have been watching in the season three finale, not the anticlimactic poopfest that we actually did watch. By delaying this all out showdown until now, it lost a lot of its impact as a result. It felt like something we were already cheated out of, not something that we were treated to.

On the other hand, better late than never. We finally got that fistfight between Rick and The Governor that has been a long time coming. We got Daryl taking out a tank all by himself. We got Michonne finishing what she started with The Governor’s eye in last season’s midseason finale. We got a dead Governor. Most importantly, we got to say goodbye to the prison. 

When Rick’s “(Not) Too Far Gone” speech to the Governor made Hershel smile, I think it symbolized Rick’s accepted return to his leadership role, something that Hershel had been pushing for all season. Rick had been trying to reject that role, turning over a new leaf as a farmer, but in the end, he is who he is. On the other side, The Governor’s story parallels that of Rick’s in that he too tries to leave the role of (psychotic) leader behind and start fresh. But gradually, like the leaky roof in his trailer, his true nature kept trickling back in.

Where will we find everyone when the show returns in February? Are there going to be a few separate groups (The Bus, Rick/Carl, Maggie/Sasha/Bob, Tyreese/stupid little girls, Tara, Michonne, Daryl/Beth, WHOEVER SAVED JUDITH) all looking for a new home or will the group reunite?

Were you entertained, Steve? Happy Anniversary by the way. Your wedding caused you to miss last season’s midseason finale. That’s one way to remember your anniversary: every midseason finale of The Walking Dead, get your wife a gift.

I was over joyed with the episode, it gave me all the emotions that I wanted. Fear, panic, anxiety, sadness, adrenaline. Yes it was a long time coming, but still worth the wait I think. The show does that, gives you a few shit episodes and then just when you are questioning it they throw you a bone like this one.

The fist fight was intense. I thought Rick would take it out of sheer blind rage for the death of Hershel. He has been the shows voice of reason and humanity so to lose a person like that from a fragile group might be devastating. Not that there is much of a group anymore. When the tides turned and The Gov was about to chok out Rick I was yelling at my TV for Michonne to hurry up! Note to all bad guys; If your prisoner says they are going to kill you, 9 times out of 10 they are going to kill you, take care of it while you can.

Where and HOW will we find everyone? Will the show focus on Rick and Carl as they trudge through the forest looking for the others? Will every episode focus on a different group, with them all cumlminating together at a new location for the finale? By my calculations they could only get to 4.14 with that method. I'll go through my thoughts and throw in a few fan theories I read.

Rick/Carl will find Morgan once again
Sasha/Bob/Maggie will look for/find the bus, as that would be Maggie's prime objective to get Glenn, however my theory is that they find it crashed, with everyone MIA. Glenn might survive, as he was the runner, but he is sick/weak. He might stay MIA for a few episodes.
Lily and Tara will find each other, both would return to the RV camp after to get the hell outta dodge, could be over run by mud men...
Tyreese and the girls will find Carol. Since Rick never had the chance to tell him what happened he will have no reason not to trust her.
Michonne, who ever knows what's happening with Michonne
Daryl/Beth, they might meet up with someone, either Michonne or Lily and/or Tara


-If Judith actually did die and if it was because those stupid little girls left her on the ground so they could go shoot guns, oh man, every episode is getting an F from me going forward.
-Everyone on Twitter was convinced that Judith didn't die as she wasn't in the Memoriam on Talking Dead. I'm not convinced, my theory is below
-As much fun as The Governor could be at times, it was time for him to go. Probably past time. I am pretty sad that Hershel lost his head, though. :(
-What’s the running theme on this show? “Everything shitty all the time always”? We need a musical episode or something to lift our spirits.
-Was that Zombie Clara (from the season premiere) wandering through the field this episode?
-How did that even get out there? Did it fall from Meghan's cold dead hand when Gov popped her in the head?
-Second theory of who could have taken Judith: Michonne. She could have rescued her and will care for her until she reunites with Rick. This will perhaps bring them together as an item, something that was subtly hinted at a couple times this season. It might also bring out an explanation as to why she was so reluctant to hold Judith in episode two.
-My theory is that Tyreese has Judith, he was in a fire fight and was pinned down in the dirt, he would have gotten bloody, hence the blood in her carrier, which would have rubbed off when he went to pick her up. It was the four little girl that had Judith, then it was the 2 older ones that saved Tyreese. When he said they were going the wrong way they would have explained to him about Judith and the other kids.

Blair’s Episode MVP: The Tank (for destroying the prison)
Steve’s Episode MVP: Hershel (for going out in with pride)
Blair’s Episode Grade: B
Steve’s Episode Grade: 90
Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Sasha
Steve's Deadpool Pick: The bus, (no major characters except Glenn)