The Walking Dead - S03-E11 - "I Ain't a Judas"

The Walking Dead
Season Three, Episode Eleven.
"I Ain't a Judas"

I'm not sure which eye is creepier.

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“You can’t put a price on anything anymore” – Merle

Can we put a price on Andrea’s head, though? Hold a fundraiser to pay the writers to write her off the show? Seriously. Having an episode that uses her as its center is a one way ticket to turdville. Most of my issues with her (lack of) character are explored by AV Club writer Zack Handlen here. Favourite part of that article: “Andrea has taken over the Dale role of Most Annoyingly Self-Righteous Idiot Who Can’t Stop Lecturing People.” When she was standing naked over the now legitimately eye patched (FINALLY) Governor, deciding whether or not to stab him, I was really hoping he would wake up and kill her. I say cut our losses with Andrea and work harder developing Michonne, who has way more potential to be interesting. Speaking of, how much would it help to have an episode centered around her and sprinkle it with revealing flashbacks about her life before she met Andrea? Do it Lost-style.

The one good thing about Andrea’s little reunion with her long-lost friends was it gave us a refresher on just how much the group has changed since last season. She specifically asks where Shane and Lori are. When someone mentions T-Dog also died (I think it was Carol, who is doing her best to name drop him as much as possible), I almost thought Andrea was going to say “Who?”

Andrea’s somewhat horrified reaction to seeing the stone cold soldier Carl has become was a reminder as to how much he’s changed, too. That, combined with his more than reasonable suggestion to his dad to take a break from being leader renewed my appreciation for how much less annoying he is this season. Remember when he kept wandering off last season and getting into pickles? I’m glad that’s over with.

What else happened this episode? Oh right, Tyreese and Friends end up in Woodboring and are throwing their hat in the ring with Governor. This is going to be Tyreese at the end of the season.

After a mostly redeeming first half of the season, this second half is starting to lose me. The wheels need to stop spinning and things need to start happening.

Do you find Andrea as irritating as I do, Steve?

Ya, and I'm glad Rick treated her as any other kind of stranger coming into the prison. As he should have. I'm not sure what she was expecting but to walk in there thinking that it was all going to be fine and dandy after everything that has happened is dumb, and so is she.

Second reason she is dumb; Milton outright refuses to help her get out, he disappears for a while (to go talk to the Gov), comes back and is willing to help all of a sudden. Andrea, you don't find anything weird about that?

Another thing that bothered me was once she gets into the prison and starts getting shit on by everyone she tries to change the focus to Merle. You know you are in a bad bargaining position when Merle is in better favor that you.

Other than being a scapegoat to recap on all the loses and changes in the group the only good thing that comes fro Andrea being around is that Michonne gets more lines. A flash back story would be nice to see. Explore their friendship and how they managed to survive the winter.

Carl "Dad, you should stop being the leader, get your shit together. I'm 16, growing up in the apocalypse, shot my dad's best friend, shot my mom after watching her get a C-section and I'm still holding it together better than you!"

I thought the Gov was going to do something to her. He told her that if she goes to the prison she might as well stay there. She comes back and says she went to the prison, and then they have sex. Gov! Was that an empty threat? That's not your style! I'm not sure if he planned on using her for intel, but now he has Tyreese. Perhaps with a combo of the 2 he will be able to understand exactly what Rick has going for him...and it's not much.

It was an interesting twist to see Tyreese meet up with Andrea and Milton. That should put an interesting twist on everything. I was annoyed with Tyreese's cling ons. When they get to Woodbury and are talking to the Gov, Ty is quiet, listening, observing the situation and trying to get a read on the Gov, keeping his chips close. Then that douchbag in the back goes ahead and blurts out that they met Rick!

However, if you are into the gore of messing up zombies, then this episode had that handled in one scene. As Milton held him down with his what appeared to be duct tape arms (that stuff really is good for everything!)
Andrea went to work with the hatchet. My main problem with this was that there was a lot of blood. Considering this zombie has been wandering in the woods for (assumingly) months his blood was not as coagulated as one would think. However, aside from that the only thing the scene was missing was for Andrea to yell "Bite the curb!"

I read this, but some of it hit me during the episode too. The pacing was very distorted this episode, in Merle especially. From the time he gets to the prison and everyone hates him, he starts the episode locked in the holding/kitchen area. Half way through the episode he is seen attaching a blade to his stub, in one of the cells, with the door open when Hershel came to talk to him. By the time Andrea gets there he is already allowed gun privileges, and not even a puny handgun, he get a fully automatic carbine.


-Is it me or does the Governor wear a lot of vests? Can we get a musical number of him singing See My Vest?

-He had to dig through all those vests to get to the eye patch at the bottom of his villians costume trunk.

-The song at the end was a nice touch. Beth has a pretty solid voice and having it transition into the original (by the human garburator Tom Waits) was great.

-With Rick planning a move next episode should have a bit more action.

-How is Merle being trusted with guns and gate duties so soon?

-Ah, you noticed it too. Merle must have a silver tongue, cuz when Andrea tried to throw him under the bus he just smiled and no one even flinched. I assume he is only getting this kind of freedom because Daryl is keeping a close eye on him.

Blair’s Episode MVP: Beth
Steve's Episode MVP: Hershel
Blair’s Episode Grade: C+
Steve's Episode Grade: thumb...sideways
Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Andy and Ben
Steve's Deadpool Pick: Ben or Andy, which ever one opened their stupid mouth to the Gov