The Walking Dead - S02-E06 - Secrets

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That bottle has more chemistry with Rick than Lori does.
-Episode six. Last season only consisted of six episodes and you can tell how much the pacing of the show has slowed down this season due to the full episode order. I really hope the second half ramps up.
-Maybe had they not wasted so much time looking for a little dead(presumably) girl.

-Having Mrs. Otis break the chicken’s legs so the zombie family members will have an easier time catching them was a really nice detail. Dear writers: do more of this, please.
-It's the little things that matter. She did seem to be a bit reluctant about feeding time though, perhaps she doesn't feel the same way as Herschel, or perhaps she just feels bad for her "family/friends"

-Once again, Glenn is suddenly Mr. Confrontational, all up in Lori’s face about telling Rick and saying she is too skinny.
-He is a terrible liar and has an even worse poker face. He was so awkward around Shane and Rick, it made me feel uncomfortable, which I guess was the point.

-Carl wants to learn how to shoot and there is a big scene about it. Is this a case of Chekhov’s Gun?
-Carl has been forced to grow up fast. He makes a good argument though.

-Glenn “spits it out” to Dale: “There’s walkers in the  barn and Lori’s pregnant.” 
-Way to keep a secret Glenn! Didn't you see the title?

-Nice scene between Dale and Herschel.
-Really good, Dale is sure not to throw Glenn under the bus and is very tactful in his delivery.

-LORI IS SO ANNOYING! She makes me yell at the screen.

-Shane’s “lead on Sophia” seemed a bit half-baked.
-Shane doesn't care any more anyways, he was ready to leave her a few episodes ago, mind you so were we.

-It seemed as though Dale was going to pull off not giving away Glenn’s purge of secrets to Herschel (taking a walk past the barn) or Lori (nauseating meat smell) but Lori figures it out and from what Maggie is stewing about, apparently Herschel did, too. Valiant effort, Dale.
-I wouldn't say he gave Glenn up, he was very clever about both of his convos. It was Lori blurting out that Glenn must have told him. To his credit he might have had a hunch, as he said, and Glenn just reassured him. He does have a way with talking to people and getting them to open up...for the most part, Shane not so much luck.

-Ah hah! I was wondering if anyone knew about Lori and Shane as we didn’t really get to see any of what happened while Rick was in his coma. Apparently, Dale at least suspected it.
-He is the look out, he does seem to have a talent for being in the right place at the right time information wise.

-I think that whatever brings about the end of the gang’s stay at the farm, Maggie either dies or joins them.
-I can see her joining. After the pharmacy incident I think she sees "Mom", "Jason", etc differently. Before the attack she calls them by name, afterwards when they get back she refers to them as walkers. 

-Andrea, coming off a huge zombie-blasting adrenaline rush, grabs a handful of Shane’s package. Nothing turns a lady on like killing the undead, amiright?
-That was not a shy scene, she grabs a hold of Shane with the same determination she was holding her Beretta with.

-Our frequent MVP, Daryl, sat most of this one out.
-Still got a good one liner in there though, that made me smile. Was he joking or would he really?

-Dale goes for the Meaningful Conversation hat trick with his chat with Shane. He shoots, he scores. Dale had some great scenes with people this week.
-He got Shane to open up all right, then he went back to his trailer to change his pants. The fear in his face was fantastic.

-Nice way for Rick to find out about the pregnancy. Hmmm, what are all these pills lying around the tent?

-A pregnancy in a zombie apocalypse is an interesting concept but having a pregnant character on a show like this could be a real drag. 
-Not to mention it is Lori, the same person that was contemplating letting her son die to save him from a miserable life. Flip Flopping Lori is her new name, every episode she has a different thought process.

-Lori finally does the right thing: She tells Rick about her and Shane. I think it is the first thing she’s done that I was like “Thank you. Good job.”
-His reaction confused me though. Did he know cuz he figured it out on his own. Or when him and Shane were walking a few episodes back is that one of the things the talked about. Not sure if I am remembering right, but on that past episode when they got back did he say something to Lori about the had a good chat? Or was he just referring to Shane saying they should give up on Sophia. Who knows?

-Next week is the fall finale. I hope all kinds of shit hits all kinds of fans. I predict some kind of confrontation between Rick’s gang and Herschel’s gang and the zombies escape the barn somehow, wreaking havoc. People die. Rick’s gang departs, possibly without an original member or two (hopefully Lori) but possibly with a new member or two (hopefully Maggie). Also…Sophia better turn up in one form or another.
Knowing the Walking Dead I think it will be a grand episode, a lot should happen to make the viewers want more over the xmas break. Also this time a good place for cliffhangers for the same reason... The barn will be opened for I'm not so sure.

Blair’s Episode MVP: Dale

Steve’s Episode MVP: Glenn, (Dale had a great episode, but Glenn got some more action and was able to save his damsel in distress, possibly solidifying her place with the group)

Blair’s Grade: B

Steve’s Grade: A (Much happier with this episode after last weeks let down)

Blair’s Deadpool Pick (next to die): Maggie

Steve’s Deadpool Pick: T-dog, he has fallen back and not much has happened with him since he came to the farm.