The Walking Dead - S03-E05 - "Say the Word"

The Walking Dead Season Three, Episode Five.
"Say the Word"

"Can you hear me now?"

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Strangely, while writing out the title of this episode I knew it was "Say the Word", but what I typed was "Say the bird", because bird is the word!

Rick’s got a fever…and the only prescription is killing as many zombies as possible.

Actually, I don’t think Rick’s rampage was solely one of rage. I interpreted it is a desperate and angry search for Lori’s body. Whether he just needed to see for himself or simply needed to go to her, he eventually did reach the place of Lori’s death only to discover what appeared to be a bloated zombie having recently devoured Rick’s late wife. He contemplates cutting open the zombie (to what, retrieve her remains?) before even he realizes he is being a little crazy. This amounts to a moment of frustration as he angrily stabs the bloated belly repeatedly before ending up slumped against a pipe staring into the middle-distance.

With Rick off masquerading as Bat(shitcrazy)man, the rest of the group takes it upon themselves to make sure Baby Grimes keeps breathing. Daryl and Maggie team up to stumble upon a daycare stocked with the baby supplies they need. This struck me as extremely lucky and convenient but I’m okay with it because the alternative was burning more screen time searching for baby stuff.

I’m pretty sure Carol isn’t dead but where the hell could she be? Probably not still hiding.

Meanwhile, at Bizarro Our Town, Michonne finds even more reasons to make like a tree and get out of there, namely that the Governor is not a well man. (Exhibit A: Brushing his zombie daughter’s hair. Exhibit B: A diary that is eerily similar to Jack Torrance’s writings from The Shining).

Michonne and Andrea make boring chit-chat, yadda yadda yadda, and Michonne gets the eff out of Dodge. What should be a heavier scene falls fairly flat because we still know practically nothing about Michonne. Fill in some back story or something and fast, writers. We also really don’t know a ton about Andrea, either.

Speaking of Andrea, just when it looks like she’s falling for some of the Governor’s charm, he takes her to the evening’s entertainment in the form of Merle kicking a dude’s ass with toothless zombies serving as the ring’s ‘ropes’. She is not impressed.

Finally, coming back to Rick’s vacation into madness (The horror! The horror!), we end the episode with a phone call. Who could that be? Rick wonders as he wanders over and picks it up. “Hello?”

Okay, since I really have no idea who it could be, I’m going to take a few wild guesses.

-Stevie Wonder just calling to say he loves you
-Bart Simpson calling for Seymour Butts
-Carly Rae Jepsen, maybe

I really, really hope it’s not Rick’s insanity calling in the form of Lori’s voice or something. Please, no.

Who I really want it to be is a random zombie somewhere accidentally speed-dialling that number and after Rick says hello, he just hears zombie grunting and groaning.

Who do you think is on the other end of the line, Steve?

Rick's scene was a moment of pure intensity. I agree with you that he was on a mission to find Lori. The scene with him and Glenn shows his blind rage/determination for his mission. When Rick first gets to the mechanical room and sees the trail of blood a moment of panic washed over me. I envisioned that Carl couldn't go through with what he had to do and instead fired a blind shot to make it seem like he did shoot Lori. I feared that Rick would come face to face with his undead bride. Which could have made an interesting scene. I thought he might have tried to retrieve her ring, but perhaps could not come to term with sifting through his masticated wife's remains

It did seem rather convenient that they stumbled upon a daycare, in what seemed to be the middle of the woods. But we didn't need another wild goose chase a la Sophia. So I am glad they skipped over that. I was hoping for some caged baby zombies though.

The opening scene did throw me for a loop. At first I thought it was a flash back, then I heard the gargle and the unfortunate head rip. Pretty sure that kind of thing would piss off any little girl. If he still has Penny locked away, could one assume he has his wife in there somewhere? Who else are they keeping? Are they, like Herschel, hoping for a cure?

Nothing like a little zombie fight club to make you change your mind about getting the hell out of Dodge. What's wrong Andrea? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?
Another scene proving that the Dixon brothers are perhaps the most bad ass people left on earth.

I had the phone called spoiled for me so I will leave it at that. I do hope it is a zombie. "I'm calling from inside the prison..." Or perhaps it's Carol, calling from another local line in the prison. She is scared and trapped somewhere and Rick is too out of it to comprehend what is happening.

-What’s next for Michonne? Does she find the prison or does The Governor hunt her down?
-What if that is the end of her? She goes the way of Morgan & Duane and we never see her again. What would the comic fans do? As you said, she hasn't really been fleshed out at all, just shrouded in mystery.
-Where’s Carol? If she turns up, does this scare act as a catalyst between her and Daryl’s feelings for each other?
-Curious as to Carol's whereabouts too. They didn't seem to look for her, just assumed the worst. Even dug her a grave.
-Who becomes the surrogate mother for Asskicker Grimes? Maggie? Carol if she is alive? Daryl seems pretty nurturing.
-Rick best soldier, Daryl better not take the soft road. Maggie could take the role but that also takes away a soldier. Clearly Rick will not be caring for it anytime soon.

Blair’s Episode MVP: Rick (Daryl was awesome this episode by providing humour (“Hello, dinner!”) and a rare heart-warming moment (Feeding the baby “asskicker”) but Rick’s brief but brutal scenes carried the most weight)
Steve’s Episode MVP: Michonne. She stood up for what she thought was right, stood up to the Gov, did a little B & E to get her stuff back and slaughtered a cage full of Zombie fight clubbers

Blair’s Episode Grade: B+
Steve’s Episode Grade: 1 1/2 thumbs

Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Hershel
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Penny