The Walking Dead - S04-E04 - "Indifference"

The Walking Dead
Season Four, Episode Four.

Scavenger Hunt Extreme Edition



Road trip!

Two road trips, actually, as we get a break from the gloomy prison to follow Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob’s continued quest for medicine as well as Rick and Carol’s outing for supplies. Before this episode, I hadn’t been as certain on the need for a location change as some. Now, I’m ready to bid the prison adieu. Maybe the gang just needs to go on the run for a while, always moving and providing the viewer with fresh locations.

Not a lot happened with Daryl’s group besides acquiring the medicine, Bob being honest and then, a little while later, not so honest and Tyreese struggling to “let go,” both literally and psychologically. Oh, and Michonne said she wouldn’t go out hunting The Governor anymore.

The emotional meat of the episode takes place with Rick and Carol. For a while, Rick is just quiet and pensive. It isn’t until Carol prods him to say something about her confession that he finally starts to open up. Their conversation through the rest of the episode helps Rick gain a better perspective on where her head is at and whether or not she holds any regret over her actions. By the end, he’s come to his decision .

Ultimately, I have to side with Rick on this one. Carol, who, as the episode hammered home, used to be weak but now, as the episode also hammered home, is tough. I think she overcompensated just a tad, though, and she’s become unpredictable and dangerous, even if her intentions are…good. I do like how this decision leaves it open for her to return at some point in the future, hopefully wearing an eye patch and under her new name…The Governess!

Not a lot of insight into this one. Hopefully the plot starts to gain a little more momentum next week.

How Carol drove by.
How Carol should have drove by
Oh, wait! I forgot. The best part of the episode, at least for me, was the song choice at the end. It was an acoustic version of “Serpents” by Sharon Van Etten, off of her 2012 album Tramp, which I named the best album of the year on my blog. Check it out!

What’s your verdict, Steve?

I think I would be ok if they stayed at the prison as long as we get to see more of these excursions. It would give the audience an ever rotating change of scenery while still not subjecting the group to the unnecessary dangers of leaving the prison.

So first we have Daryl's group. Not much to say here, got the meds, fought some walkers, nothing this group couldn't handle, and had some heart to hearts. What were Michonne and Tyreese talking about I wonder, off on their own, Michonne seems to be all about severing heads and hearts. We even got to see Daryl get a little lot fired up. I'm not sure what Bob was thinking reaching for his gun. As soon as that happened I thought Daryl was just going to push him off into the swarm below. No words, no warning, just done. Daryl doesn't deal with anything less than 100% (See refusing to let Herschel come on the run). Based on Daryl's family history though I think alcoholism is kind of a touchy subject for him.

Then we have Rick and Carol's adventure into Never(come back)land. I have no idea how Sam and Ana had survived, at all, especially out on the run. One with a bum leg, the other with a recently dislocated shoulder and both naive as all hell. I really didn't have high hopes for either of them, but Rick and Carol only found Ana, where is Sam? Dead? Will he show up at the prison? Will Carol find him? She did take their vehicle, maybe he was hiding out in the back. The dislocated shoulder was a good scene to reinforce Carol's strength, talking about how she had to learn how to relocate her own shoulder, several times. Which is what doesn't give me a lot of hope of seeing Sam again, I think they were merely just a plot device to bring up Carol's strength.

As for Carol's departure, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Last week I said that I was on board with her decision, where as Blair was totally against it. This is an interesting point, as I think there will be a similar rift at the prison. However, that is all dependent on what Rick tells them. Does he tell them she died or that they got separated, or does he go full disclosure and tell them about the bodies and that he gave her the boot.


-How’s everyone going to take the news about Carol? How is Rick going to explain? How are Daryl, Tyreese and Carol’s little adopted girls going to take it?
-Despite liking how the show handled Carol’s departure, I can’t help but think an episode with her on trial would have been interesting. I hope we get a “The Trial of _________” episode at some point.
-How did those two fruit-bearing strangers survive for that long? Seriously.
-Will we see more action from Daryl's group? That seemed like it was going to be an awfully long, awkward ride.
-Is this the end of Carol or will she make a Morgan-esque return at some point?

Blair’s Episode MVP: “Serpents” by Sharon Van Etten

Steve’s Episode MVP: Daryl, still collecting rocks for that kid, it's the little things
Blair’s Episode Grade: B+
Steve’s Episode Grade: Slow
Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Dr. S.
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Glenn

I tallied up our Episode MVPs and the results aren’t too surprising. My picks are a little more evenly distributed while Steve’s are less so (including a MVP crush on Hershel). I also tend to be a little more…abstract with my picks at times.

EPISODE MVP LEADERS (since Season 3 Episode 2)
Daryl – 7
Shane – 6
Rick – 5
Glenn – 5
The Governor – 4
Hershel – 4


The Governor – 3
Shane – 3
Rick – 2
Dale – 2
Daryl – 2
Glenn – 2
Tyreese – 2
Tyreese’s Beard – 1
Clara – 1
Judith – 1
Andrea – 1
Merle – 1
Michonne – 1
Beth – 1
Lori – 1
Carl – 1
Dave – 1
Sophia – 1
Wye Oak – “Civilian” – 1
Sharon Van Etten – “Serpents” – 1
Windshield Zombie Trying to Kill Lori – 1
The Idea of Lori’s Potentially Undead Baby Killing Her – 1

Daryl – 5
Hershel – 4
Rick – 3
Shane – 3
Glenn – 3
Carol – 2
Milton – 2
Michonne – 2
Merle – 1
Morgan – 1
Carl – 1
The Governor – 1
Maggie – 1
Andrea – 1
Three Little Piggies – 1