The Walking Dead - S04-E03 - "Isolated"

The Walking Dead
Season Four, Episode Three.

Dodge: Take life undeath by the horns.



Tyreese has a hammer, and it seems like he intends to use his hammer of justice to hammer out danger and warnings to whoever killed his beloved (and David, don’t forget David). He also uses the hammer to escape a mob of zombies like it’s his damn job. Good showing from Tyreese overall, as he descends into a dark, grieving, raging mood that promises to fuel a lot of potentially poor decisions in his future. What’s next for that group? On foot and almost fifty miles from home (assuming they were almost there), they have to continue on to the vet clinic, right? I’m sure Tyreese will be the biggest advocate for that. Also, what was that large building in the distance beyond the sea of zombies? Looked like an arena or power plant or something. Why were there so many zombies in that one place, anyhow? Does this mission for medicine act as the show scouting for a new location?

It was nice to see the show, in the form of Hershel risking his life to deliver his elderberry tea, taking measures to solve (or delay) a problem by doing something a little more heartwarming and not horribly gruesome or gut-wrenching. Story threads like this do a lot to counteract the show’s tendency to veer too close to the Misery Porn line (see last season’s The Killer Within).

Carl needs a haircut. He also seems pretty pleased to have his gun back. Maybe he can try to cut his hair by shooting it.

Nervous breakdown watch: Beth reciting “we have a job to do” like a machine. Not healthy.

Now, about the big reveal in the final moments of the episode.


I’m feeling a little queasy from the jarring jump we just took with Carol’s character. I’m forced to buy it, but I don’t feel good about it. Just because Carol has been shown to be more proactive, strong and willing to do what’s necessary this season, we’re supposed to believe she would straight up murder two people? I get the motivation the writers are giving her. I still don’t think she’d cross that line without knowing for sure her actions would solve the problem. Is she turning into Shane? And how is she not super messed up right now? How is she, aside with a couple minor breakdowns, walking around like she has a free conscience? But whether or not it’s believable for her character, it’s in the books now and looking forward, this is a big development for her character and should prove to be a significant test for Rick as to how he’s going to handle this.

What about you, Steve? How did Carol’s murderous ways go down? Smooth or with a little bit of indigestion?

I found the episode to be a bit slow moving, yet at the same time it still packed in a lot. Everyone is getting down with the sickness, we had some "bonding" time between Rick and Tyreese, delved a little deeper into Carol's character and a lot of set up for the next episode.

Hershel's speech to Maggie and Rick was pretty powerful. After being turned down to join Daryl on his run he seemed to be feeling a bit useless. At first when he was shown with the mug I thought he was contemplating hitting the liquor to flush his feelings of fading usefulness but the true outcome was much more helpful. I did find Carl and his interaction a bit forced, but perhaps that was the intent. You have young Carl who is trying to be more of an asset to the group against an older, more stubborn Hershel also trying to be more helpful. Will we see more similarities and comparisons between the two?

After all the foreshadowing of how Carol would do anything for the good of the group it makes sense now that she was the one to burn the bodies. However now the burden is on Rick, does he tell Tyreese? Does he out Carol, who I would consider an asset to the group. Even though her attempt at quelling the flu situation were in vain I still think it was a valiant effort. How do you feel about her actions? Was she right in what she did? Think back to the third question..."Why?" 

Poor Tyreese, where is his head at now? His girlfriend is BBQ'd, his sister is sick, he is helpless to do anything for either of them. Did he have suspicions towards Carol. He seemed to be ominously close and overshadowing in his talk with her about watching over Sasha. He seems to have given up in the car yet ends up finding his inner Ash and fights his way through an overpowering horde. Where was this sudden fire from? Did he have an epiphany regarding Karen or was it to do with Sasha and finding her the meds she needs, or was he just trying to go down in a blaze of glory?

Rick still seems to be in limbo in regards to his role in the group. He hasn't seemed to embrace the full leadership roll again just yet. He knows of all the issues he should be addressing but he doesn't seem to have them prioritized. The water, the rats, the arsonist. He needs to take his rightful seat at the head of the council table.

Oh ya, and Glenn is sick. He and Maggie seem to have fallen to the wayside as of late, they seem to be old news.


-Was it just me or does Daryl have a little crush on Michonne? Crush vibes thus far: Carol likes Daryl (nothing new), Rick and Michonne seem to like each other, Daryl likes Michonne (not as obvious). Hopefully the second half of this season just goes full-blown romantic comedy.
-I hope Sasha doesn’t die.
-CSI: Apocalypse: what exactly did Rick deduce from the bloody handprint on the door?

-I’m thinking we should count up our episode MVPs and post some standings to see who has tallied the most dating back to our first review at the start of season two. Maybe for the midseason finale.

-I was a little annoyed with Dr. S.. Hershel comes in to help and you cough right in his face?! WHAT THE HELL! Forget professional courtesy, how about some manners?
-Still no info on the rat feedings. I would think that is just as much a priority as finding who burned the bodies. 
-So much for keeping Sasha safe in favor of Tyreese's sanity.
-In regards to Rick's CSI-ing I think there are two options. Seeing as the position of the hand is low and from a position facing the door it could be concluded that; 
     A) Someone of smaller stature used the door as leverage to pull the bodies out side.
     B) The victims were still alive, yet very weak, and were trying to fight being pulled outside
The former would get Rick to the conclusion of Carol, while the latter would paint Carol in an even darker light. Were they still alive and just too weak from the flu to fight back?

Blair’s Episode MVP: Tyreese
Steve’s Episode MVP: Carol
Blair’s Episode Grade: B+
Steve’s Episode Grade: 87%
Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Dr. S.
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Glenn