The Walking Dead - S02-E12 - "Better Angels"

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Here we are, the second last episode of the season, and what an episode it was! 
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-The penultimate episode of this season!
-I would say this was quite the episode! This paired with Spartacus made for one of the best nights of television I have had in a while!

-Well, they got Dale’s funeral out of the way right off the bat.
-Might as well, and it was nicely over layed with an Office Space homage.
-Rick mentions "that look" from Dale in his eulogy, Even Tom Hanks has seen the look.

-Carl’s decision to give the gun back to Shane gives me hope for him yet.
-Not sure about that, in a world like this he is going to need to pick up a gun sooner or later...I do appreciate him coming clean about the walker that killed Dale, although not his fault, entirely, still kudos for manning up.

-Rick and Carl’s chat reminded me a bit of the father-son dynamic in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Bleak conversation in a bleak world.
-Rick does put it quite bluntly for Carl. "Everyone you know will die sooner or later. Good luck buddy."

-Shane’s embracing of his inner villain really gives this episode some juice. It makes me think that the show really needs an active antagonist to create a more immediate sense of urgency and purpose for the characters. Sure, the zombies are antagonists, but they’re antagonists in the way a natural disaster is an antagonist.
-Shane's attitude/personality gives a possible slight foreshadowing into theories that arose from this episode. More on that later. But he does help develop things aside from just having the zombie threat.

-The rest of the group should have been able to tell Shane was turning bad because he was rubbing his head and sneering more than usual.
-Among other his other psychopathic tendencies.

-I wonder if Lori thought about what effect her apology to Shane would have on him because it ultimately accomplished what she was wanting during her Lady MacBeth scene a few episodes ago in getting rid of Shane. As soon as she admitted to him that it could be his baby and she did have feelings for him at one point, he got desperate. Knowing she had accepted and was moving past their relationship forced his hand.
-I wondered what her intent with that was. Was it to actually make amends and reassure him or was it a ploy to get him to snap?

-How gorgeous was the setting for Rick and Shane’s final showdown under the moon?
-Powerful! Some theorised that Shane was aware of his slow decline into insanity and took this opportunity to get Rick to finish him off. Or the walker "parasite" caused him to antagonize Rick to the point of killing him. 

-Shane was a better developed character than Dale so his death was more effective. Poor Rick needs to have a good day soon.
-Poor Rick indeed, I was expecting Glenn and Daryl to come out of the woods and Daryl to bolt Shane in the head to help with "the heavy lifting"

-IS ANYONE WATCHING CARL or he just a ninja? Seriously. He is sneaking off constantly. STAY IN THE HOUSE, CARL!
-I have no idea how a kid can wander around as much as he does. I grew up in a friendly small town in the 90s and I had less freedom than Carl in a zombie apocalypse!
Lori's lines throughout most of the season; "So-and-so, can you watch Carl/take Carl to the house" followed closely by, "Has anyone seen Carl?"

-The geography of the manhunt in relation to the house was a bit confusing. Shane picked the open field in view of the house to shoot Rick? How did Carl get there so fast? Also, Carl can’t hit the broad size of a zombie with a rock but can bend bullets around his dad like he’s in Wanted?
-I got quite turned around with that too. However there was a bit of foreshadowing to this location earlier. When I rewatched it last night there is a scene of Carl in the house with binoculars and he scans the open field where they end up. Possibly Carl was keeping watch to avoid any more ninja walkers and saw Shane and his dad so decided to go help/investigate. However one has to ask the question...

-I think Carl shooting zombie Shane is a bit of a twist on what happens in the comics (which I have not read) if I’m not mistaken. I thought I read that Carl shoots live Shane near the beginning in those.
-I think it was a great twist, as it was Shane who tried to give him back Daryl's gun and told him he will need it sooner or later, as he wouldn't always be there to protect him.

-Looks like Rick is a bit of a prophet. Dale? Not so much.

-Sooooooo you don’t have to get bit to turn into a zombie? If you die and your brain is intact, you’re now the walking dead? Was this what Jenner whispered in Rick’s ear last season?
-This issue is causing me great distress. You share the same theory as our mutual friend, (who I would link his Twitter handle....if he had one.) I have no issues with that theory, but also have nothing of my own to offer up.

-Some questions for the finale next week: Do all those zombies descend upon the house? Does Randall’s group find the farm anyway? What is the body count going to be? I hope the farm is among the casualties.
-Closing scene is them walking back to the farm, seemingly unaware of the zombie horde behind them. Also what happened to Glenn and Daryl....

-Well, we both nailed the deadpool picks with Shane and Randall (although I didn’t expect Shane to die this fast). That’s two straight for you, Steve.
-We are getting good at this!! Do you get double points since Shane died twice?

Blair’s Episode MVP: Shane
Steve’s Episode MVP: Shane
Blair’s Grade: A-
Steve’s Grade: 95%
Blair’s Deadpool Pick (next to die): Hershel
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: I'm gonna have to agree with Hershel, or to be different, I'll say Maggie