The Walking Dead - S02-E04 - Cherokee Rose

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-Decent cold open. Shane’s rocking some sweet duds for Otis’s funeral.
-On the note of Shane I have noticed his "22" necklace, they showed it last episode and it was out a lot this episode too. Is there a story behind that or am I just reading too much into it?

-I don’t think I’ve ever fast-forwarded through the opening credits of this show

-What was Herschel’s head-shake at Maggie about during the meeting at the beginning? I forget what she said now.
-Herschel is hiding something for sure....more on that later.

-When Rick stopped Daryl before he left to look for Sophia what was he talking about? I thin kI'm missing something, that scene confused me...

-I finally figured out why I’m getting bored. It’s because FARMS ARE BORING. I feel like the plot is stuck in limbo.
-The farm is boring, but there has got to me more to it. Everything is throwing up red flags on this guy. He wants Rick and everyone gone once they are able, he was totally against Rick setting up shop in the barn. He doesn't want any guns on the property...THAT was a flag for me, how the hell did they fight off that attack with no guns? Ya Maggie's bat would help but really....

-Dale has a certain way of keeping the moral up between the individuals of the group. Seems every episode he manages to make someone feel good about themselves. This time was T-dog at the well.

-The only thing that could have made the scene with the zombie down the well any stupider would have been if Lassie had found the zombie first and the zombie’s name was Timmy.
-Something odd about that zombie too, Glenn noticed that she seemed upset by the killing of a zombie, I don't think that was the case, I think she KNEW the zombie. Herschel's son perhaps?

-Seriously, they even said there are OTHER WELLS on the property. Why in the hell Superstore would you risk Glenn’s life to remove the zombie? They thought they could carefully extract the zombie without contaminating the water? The water that the aforementioned zombie has been OOZING AND BLEEDING into for who knows how long? REALLY?
-It was a weird thing to do, to send ANYONE down there is stupid. Seems to me the only reason for that scene was to A) give the FX team some work, they did a damn good job too! and B) for the plot, if I am right  in the fact that Maggie did know the zombie...

-My first reaction upon seeing the zombie in the well: “It’s Flukeman!”

-Maggie to Glenn: “I hear you’re fast on your feet and know how to get in and out.” That’s what she said.

-Glenn’s awkwardness around Maggie is awesome. Laugh-out-loud moment: Maggie: “I’ll have sex with you.” Glenn: “Really?...Why?”
-I'm glad he is getting more more ways than one, and that was a good scene for some comic relief.

-Maggie: “It was a one-time thing.” Glenn: SUPER SAD FACE.

-Nice scene with Carol and Daryl and the Cherokee rose. Daryl is such a softie!
-Daryl is the man. I don't know if they didn't show him searching upstairs for time reasons or if he just didn't...but I want to know what was up there....and was all that stuff from Sophia or another survivor?

-Nice to see the show trying to pull off some character work this episode. Standout moment in this department: Shane’s read-between-the-lines “confession” to Andrea about killing. YAY FOR SUBTEXT!
-The way she was looking at him I thought she was putting 2 and 2 together, maybe she will later and confront him about it. This episode had a bit of everyone in it, that was nice to see. Got some leadership from Rick, some social interaction between Shane/Andrea, Glenn/Maggie, Daryl/Carol, Dale/T-Dog.

-Still no Sophia. The longer she is missing, the bigger the payoff has to be for it to be worth the audience’s time. I’m skeptical.
-Rick at the start of the episode to Herschel; "This will be day 3." Ya Rick that's 2 too many days to spend looking for a child in this situation.

-Oh, yeah. Lori’s pregnant. I wish I cared more about her character. Being pregnant in a zombie apocalypse will not be a walk in the park. I suppose the big question is: Is it Shane’s or Rick’s baby?
-Don't know if you noticed but she went out there with a knife as well, was it for protection? Doubtful. To perform self surgery that rhymes with smishsmortion? She'll think about it after the shit she was saying when Carl was out of it. Or will she do the audience a favor and off herself? Hopeful

Blair’s Episode MVP: Glenn
Steve’s Episode MVP: Glenn
Blair’s Grade: B
Steve’s Grade: B
Blair’s Deadpool Pick (next to die): Carol
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Still banking on Andrea