The Walking Dead - S02-E11 - "Judge, Jury, Executioner"

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What Daryl should have said...


-Daryl gets something to do besides be surly and goes Jack Bauer on Randall!
-The cold opening kind threw me off, I felt like I missed something and spent the first bit making sure my PVR recorded everything and at the right time.

-It was inevitable that a justice system had to be developed in the group at some point.
-Sooner or later ya, but I do feel the shoot first ask questions later is the way to go in most cases.

-For a minute, I thought Carl was going to attempt to shoot Randall himself in a misguided attempt to prove he was a man or something.
-I had the same feeling, he was kind of creeping me out that scene. And I don't think he is getting enough to eat, is it just me or does he seem REALLY pale, compared to everyone else? I understand he lost a lot of blood....7 episodes ago, you would think his color would have returned by now.

-Carl did a lot of idiotic things this episode. He is clearly his mother’s son.
-Nice. Most of the time I was like, Ya, Carl is gonna man up, then turns into him fucking everything up.

-Glenn gets the Hershel Pocket Watch Seal of Approval! Good job, Glenn!
-"Here you go boy, the keys to my daughters vagina." I think Glenn could have been a bit more grateful than "....thanks..."

-Lori was minimally annoying this episode.
-I didn't mind her this episode.

-It’s T-Bone! And he got a line! His one line was interrupted! When he was standing there at the Trial of Randall in the house, I was legitimately surprised to see him. Seriously, writers, get this man some material before the group starts questioning his usefulness.
-It was surprising to see him there. All he seems to be good at is diggin holes and burning zombies. 

-After being mostly scattered for a while now, the group discussion does a decent job of bringing the group together and seeing how they fit as a whole.
-It was good to see the whole cast together. And there was a scene that explained what the others do during the day. When Dale was on his crusade to save Randall he came to Herschel, who was rounding up cows that got out. I guess they do live on a farm and there will still be livestock to herd and fences to fix.

-A few things on Dale’s death in no particular order: First, what was with the ninja zombie in the open field? It was silent and stealth enough to sneak up on Dale? Second, does Andrea inherit the RV? Third, does his death give more weight to his previous arguments? Will they see his efforts to save Randall’s life as his “last wish”? Fourth, who is going to pick up Dale’s Voice of Reason mantle going forward? Andrea? Will Dale provide guidance from the afterlife? And finally, Dale’s eyebrows should have been able to handle that zombie no problem. They totally let him down on that one.
-First off what was Dale doing wandering around in the dark, with no light at all?! See my link above, the RV goes with Dale, so he can drive that big open highway in the sky. No, it makes it easier to get rid of Randall as there is no more conscience in the group. Andrea might, but also Glenn was in agreeance with Dale from the start, according to Dale.

-Really nice moment when Daryl spares Rick from having to once again do what needs to be done but no one else wants to do. Daryl is awesome.
-I'm kinda surprised Shane didn't do it. Even though he did say that he didn't want him dead, he is harmless.

-How much does The Walking Dead love camera angles looking down the barrel of a gun?
-Who doesn't!! I know Daryl does.

-What effect is Carl’s epic mistake going to have on his conscious? How long before the rest of the group finds out? I bet it is going to come up when Daryl realizes his gun is missing from his bike.
-Once he saw the walker he knew he fucked things up...he might come clean and apologize right away. See he convo with Rick re. what he said to Carol.

-Do you think Daryl ever takes his bike off of any sweet jumps?

-Some thoughts on Carl: He is growing up in this world at such an impressionable age that it is bound to mess him up pretty bad. At that age, he is just figuring out how the world works and it all goes to shit. He knows the least about the old world of all of them. He has a lot less to hold onto which is probably why he is starting to embrace this new way of life faster than Rick and Lori would like.
-I see Dale and Carl as both ends of the spectrum. Dale is most used to the old world, which does him no good in this new world. Where as Carl is growing up with the tough decisions everyday. You are right in the fact that he knows nothing else. I see him as making it the farthest. Spin off season!! Shane and Carl, alone in a world of walkers, kicking ass and taking names!

-For anyone looking for some zombie-themed motivation to get in shape, check this out.

-Final thought: A couple episodes back, in Triggerfinger, Andrea told Shane that he was usually right but his presentation left a little to be desired. Well, that can also be applied to this show in general. There are some good ideas but they are often clumsily presented (particularly dialogue). The exception is the zombie kills. They consistently knock those out of the park.

Blair’s Episode MVP: Dale
Steve’s Episode MVP: Daryl
Blair’s Grade: A-
Steve’s Grade: 90% I was on the edge of my seat for the most part
Blair’s Deadpool Pick (next to die): Shane (Zack Handlen from The AV Club pointed out on Twitter that Shane is essentially the Big Bad for this season. I would agree. I don’t think there is any way he and Rick can co-exist long term)
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Randall, or I nailed it last week with Dale!!