The Walking Dead - S03-E02 - "Sick"

The Walking Dead Season Three, Episode Two, 

"You play ball...LIKE A GIRL!!"

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Rest in peace, Hershel Greene. You’ve gone to that big boring farm in the sk…wait, what?

Missed it by that much.

I was already raising my arms in triumph at my deadpool victory when Hershel stopped breathing (poor, poor Hershel) but alas, counting your chickens and so on. Hershel’s beard lives to see another day. And after all that fuss surrounding his seemingly imminent death, the fact that he seems to be through the worst of it probably guarantees he’ll live to see another half dozen episodes at least.

I only have two other things to say about the Hershel storyline. One, I thought for a second that Maggie was going to euthanize him with a pillow or something when she asked to be alone with him and two, I literally laughed out loud at yet another example of Lori never knowing where the hell Carl is. He just strolls in and nonchalantly informs them how he went off and found the infirmary alone, killing two walkers along the way. High comedy. Okay, I lied: third thing. I found all the scenes with Hershel’s gory leg to be almost unwatchable. Gruesome.

Now, on to the stuff with the Cafeteria Gang.

Near the start of the episode, I was trying to figure out what the long-term plan might be for this new group of characters. Well, 60% of them didn’t survive to the end of the hour and the other 40% got chucked into an empty cell block, so I guess that answers that question. In between all that, they get to do the cell block tango with Ricky Rick and the Funky Bunch.
I didn’t catch the leader of the Cafeteria Gang’s name so I’m just going to call him Andrew WK, since he looked pretty much like this after he bludgeoned Big Tiny (R.I.P. Big Tiny). I felt sorry for I-don’t-plead-for-my-life Oscar and the mustachioed Poor Man’s Tim Blake Nelson to have this loose cannon as their leader. Horrible Bosses, amiright?

To be honest, I was actually kind of surprised that Rick killed Andrew WK this episode. I kind of expected the writers to burn up at least another episode with the tension between the two groups. Yet, with the absence of Andrea and Michonne, I’m guessing their storyline gets the spotlight (Governor, maybe?) next week with either little or no scenes at the prison.

Overall I thought the episode was pretty good. The scenes at Hershel’s bedside weren’t as heartfelt and emotional as they could have been had the characters been developed better last season but the Cafeteria Gang storyline was pretty decent.

The next episode is titled “Walk with Me,” which I’m assuming is going to be all about Hershel.

Hit me with some insight, Steve.

First off, NAILED IT on the deadpool!! However I didn't think Rick would clean house with the inmates. Deviating far from the comics on that story line. 

The only reason I was rooting for Hershel to live was so that you would be wrong. Way to pull through you old beautiful bearded bastard!

Why not keep a guy with one leg around, might as well pick up another speed bump since the pregnant lady is about to pop.

I appreciate Rick having Hershel locked up and for making Glenn stay, just in case someone had to do the dirty work. Although if/when the time comes I think Maggie will be the one to do it.

After Maggie's pep talk to her father I thought she was going to finish him off too. The scene seemed to have a feeling similar to Andrea and her sister when she turned. I was wondering where Carl was, if not in the cell with them then where...sure enough you see his tiny arm unlock the door and he comes in with packed duffle bag. Carl has been busy! I would have liked to see his adventure.

The Cafeteria Club didn't fair nearly as well as I was expecting. I thought one would bite it for sure, but more than half! 

Tomas was the leader, but WK fits the look as well. It appears that Rick is done fucking around. As soon as he brings back the food he talks to Lori about the inmates. Coming to the conclusion that they need to die. Which in the same position I'm not sure what I would do. More man power or more mouths to feed? 

Watching them fight the 2 walkers prison riot style provided a bit of enjoyment for me. As the pros sat back and shook their heads.

The Talking Dead's preview for next week showed Andrea and Michonne, but I will say nothing more about that. Only that one of my predictions from last week might be right.

Overall I was a bit disappointed with this episode compared to last week. Not sure why, it just seemed forced. Like they wanted to show the inmates for the sake of the comic book readers, but they didn't really want to deal with them as a whole.


-When will we see Oscar and Poor Man’s Tim Blake Nelson again?

-What’s up next for the prison gang? Lori’s birth?

-Will we ever get any character development for T-Dog? At least he has had a few more lines so far this season.

-I'm curious about those 2 as well, as they seem a bit incompetent to last too long on their own. Either they die soon or end up with the group. 

-Ready to see more of Michonne now, hopefully next week does spent most, if not all, of its time on her and Andrea.

-Pulling up as pinch hitter for Glenn when Rick and Daryl deal with the inmates I still don't think he is in the spotlight enough to get the development he needs

Blair’s Episode MVP: Carl, for his timely arrival with medical supplies and providing the biggest laugh I’ve ever had watching this show.

Steve's Episode MVP: Rick, he is cold hearted, but it is for the betterment of his team. Killing the inmates not only keeps his people safe, but now they also get dibs on all the food rations.

Blair’s Episode Grade: B+

Steve's Episode Grade: 1 thumb up

Blair’s Deadpool Pick: I don’t even know anymore. I guess I’ll go with…Lori’s unborn baby.

Steve's Deadpool Pick: If next week does follow Michonne and Andrea they we are shooting in the dark as we have nothing to go on. But for the sake of a pick I will say Carol. Or Henchman #1 if we meet the Governor