The Walking Dead - S02-E10 - "18 Miles Out"

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On top of everything else, she now has 7 years bad luck.

-It appears as though a week has passed since last week’s episode. Is this the first time the show has done this big of a time jump?
-Well that string of episodes looking for Sophia did seem like an eternity.

-Has the smell of blood been mentioned before? Also, what exactly are the rules of the zombies “sensing” the living? A friend of mine pointed out that in the first season, Rick and Glenn had to douse themselves in zombie blood to avoid being detected while walking down the street but in the second season premiere, the gang was able to hide under vehicles without alerting the zombies. Is it smell? Sight? A combination of both? -Interesting comment about the two officers not having any bite marks and the scratch theory seeming a little flimsy. This is obviously something important. Somehow connected to what that CDC guy whispered to Rick last season about how the disease is contracted maybe?
-I was always a bit iffy about that zombie guts scene, as far as my understanding of zombies goes, that didn't make sense. I believe it to be a combo of sight and sound, based on most zombie media I have taken in. Although they have been known to be attracted to blood, when T-dog cut his arm during the zombie herd I thought he was toast. As for the 2 cops there is the theory of it getting passed by any bodily fluid transfer, as in zombie blood in the mouth or open cut, which I thought might be the case here, until later in the episode when there is potential for plenty of transfer, splatter,open cuts on their hands, etc. The only other explanation is they were bite else where, the leg, upper arm, body, it's not as thought Rick or Shane did a thorough body scan. "Nope, no bite on the neck, he must not have been bit."

-The showdown between Shane and Rick reminds me a lot of the ongoing conflict between Jack and Locke on Lost. Man of Science vs. Man of Faith.
-Fisticuffs in an "abandoned" town are  bad idea...the wrench toss was intense. Unfortunatly it also opened up the flood gates. The survivors clearly trapped the walkers in the gym, hence the abandoned town.

-Big morality struggles in both storylines this episode.

-Even though I don’t necessarily agree with everything Andrea said, I loved her telling Lori off in the kitchen.
-She has a point too, pity party Lori got called out. She really does have nothing to complain about, save the whole apocalypse thing.

-Beth is married to Jimmy? What? Man, these peripheral farm characters are really underdeveloped, aren’t they? The whole suicide storyline is centered on a character we basically don’t know and by the end of the episode, do we know her any better? Not really. We learned she is suicidal, got married to Jimmy after dating for three months and ultimately that she wants to live. When we went through this with Andrea last season, we cared a little more because we knew a few things about her and knew the sister she lost. We don’t know Beth, we didn’t know her mother and we don’t know Jimmy. Also, where the hell is Jimmy during all of this?
-Ya, you would think that someone would have told him his wife is having issues. As for Beth, I agree, who is she, who is Jimmy, they were never "formally" introduced, they were always just there, filler, I didn't need a back story or any focus on them at all. In zombie media they are what I would call fodder or sacrifices.

-I would be suicidal, too, if I had to hang around Lori that much.
-See above comment regarding fodder and Lori. 

-Was Rick’s plan always to go back for Shane or does seeing the two uniformed guys remind him that he and Shane were partners?
-I'm thinking the latter. Being that Rick or Shane didn't mention anything about them when they first saw them was weird, it worked that Rick walked past them after and might have kicked his conscience back to the old Rick. At the same time though I think it was a good lesson for Shane, he seemed genuinely worried/ashamed when he saw Rick leaving, and really happy when he showed up.

-Loved the wandering zombie that Shane sees on the way there and on the way back again. A nice, quiet moment.
-Metaphor for how alone Shane feels?

-The song that plays at the end is “Civilian” by Wye Oak. I was tempted to bump the episode grade up to A+++ when I heard it. Love that song. It is featured in my Best Songs of 2011 on my blog. The instrumental version of the song was used in pre-season promos for the show. So glad they decided to use it in an actual episode.

-Can we get off the farm now, please?

Blair’s Episode MVP: “Civilian” by Wye Oak

Steve’s Episode MVP: Andrea, she may have been right, just her execution is a bit to be desired...where have I heard that before?

Blair’s Grade: B

Steve’s Grade: 80%

Blair’s Deadpool Pick (next to die): Maggie

Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Dale, he has fallen off the radar lately