The Walking Dead - S03-E07 - "When the Dead Come Knocking"

The Walking Dead Season Three, Episode Seven.
"When the Dead Come Knocking"

Movember, Glenn, you're doing it wrong.

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“Daryl’s been calling her Asskicker.” – Carl, making his case to his father that the baby really needs a name.

The Walking Dead has never moved this fast with this much momentum. It’s also no coincidence that the show has never been this good for so many episodes in a row.

The first battle of what I’m assuming is going to be a war between The Prison and Woodbury is right around the corner. For the sake of keeping things moving, I’ll allow the hasty decision to trust Michonne and form the rescue team to bring back Glaggie. They still don’t really know who Michonne is or if she could be leading them into a trap. Also, can we do attendance on who is left at the prison? Carl, Hershel, Carol, Beth, Axel and that’s it. Oh right, and a newborn baby. If Rick and the Rescue Rangers get wiped out (they won’t) or something goes awry while they’re gone, the remaining group members at the prison are up shit creek without a paddle. Or a boat.

Meanwhile, in Woodbury, the Governor is getting cranky because all this prisoner interrogation is cutting into the time he usually reserves for writing in his Crazy Diary. Glenn proves to be a tough nut to crack and I was super impressed with his ability to stand up to Merle (who reminds that he yes, he is still super racist) and show some serious skill at handling the zombie they chuck in with him. Maggie also shows some serious fortitude as The Governor plays both Good Cop and Bad Cop in order to get something out of her. I think the show was smart to only have The Governor bluffing about raping Maggie as that would have crossed a line that the show is probably better off not crossing (at least not in this particular situation). Going right up to that line was effective and squirm-inducing.

But as tough as they are apart, they crumble when they are put together. Maggie spills the beans about the prison as soon as they threaten Glenn, just like Glenn gave in back when Merle first threatened Maggie back when they first met up.

The parts with Andrea, Milton and poor Mr. Coleman weren't so bad but were kind of slow when compared with the rest of the episode. At least it highlighted the most interesting aspect of Andrea: she saw her sister die and reanimate right in front of her.

Poop that is about to hit to fan in the mid-season finale next week:
-Merle and Daryl realizing they are on opposite sides
-Andrea realizing what The Governor is up to
-Carl realizing he has to change Judith’s poopy diaper

What did you think of this one, Steve? Should Milton get his own spinoff show, talking to dying people so he can attempt to tether their consciousness after they reanimate? I’m thinking Tuesdays with Milton.

As the episode opened I started off a little disappointed, as I knew, with the mid-season finale next week, that the two groups were not going to meet this time. But alas it was still a good episode. 

Rick does seem willing to trust someone as long as they don't do anything stupid. Everyone he has killed in the past has been because they decided to try and pull a fast one on him. As long as she stays in line he will let her be. Plus Rick and Daryl will always have one eye on her anyways, so she won't get far with anything. 

My fear is the Gov puts together a team to check out the prison, they don't exactly have the strongest team there. The only one that can shoot is Carl, and as for diplomacy? No one. 

Glenn impressed the hell out of me. Takes a beating, gets a few shots of his own in, doesn't crack, then Maggie comes in and ruins it all. Glenn holds his tongue to the bitter end and she negates it all in the first 2 min they are put together!! I was getting worried when Glenn was facing off against the walker, near the end I was yelling at him to figure it out as he was running out of things to throw at it. It was unfortunate that Glenn got caught on his bluff about how many they had at the prison, mentioning all the names of the people they used to have...including Andrea. Maggie's side of the interogation was well done and really glad they didn't take it there. Right now the Gov is filed under that "he's creepy but I'm still curious" column. Had they gone through with it he would have just been creepy. I would have lost a lot of respect for his character.

I think the Milton/Andrea/Coleman scene was a nice breather between the intensity of Glaggie and the panic of the rescue squad. I was a bit disappointed for Milton to find that his theory was wrong...way wrong. I think Milton watched Shaun of the Dead to many times.

Not sure if the Gov was more impressed/worried that Rick's group managed to clear out the prison or upset that Merle said that it couldn't be done. The Gov is starting to feel like me about Merle's loyalties.

Looking forward to:
Rick and the Gov meeting
Merle and Daryl meeting, I think I am more curious to see what happens with these 2 than anyone else
I wonder if they will keep Andrea in the dark as long as they can
How bad ass will Glenn be now? Going from weak errand boy to POW survivor(hopefully)

-How great were the scenes with Michonne’s introduction to the prison that paralleled Rick’s methods with The Governor’s? She was treated somewhat similarly and had to have been thinking “not again.”
-How weird was the appearance of the hermit the gang runs into? How has he managed to be so isolated for so long? The whole scene was really weird (except for Daryl’s line “Remember the Alamo?” which was fantastic).
-How disappointing will it be if Rick and The Governor don’t meet next episode?

-Michonne Y U NO say any names?
-That cabin in the woods scene was totally random. All it really did was show Oscar how serious Rick is at keeping his team alive.
-I'm hoping they sneak in, Metal Gear Solid style, get Glaggie and then, as an ode to Norman Reedus, they have a FIREFIGHT!!

Blair’s Episode MVP: Glenn (He’s never been so badass)
Steve’s Episode MVP: Glenn 
Blair’s Episode Grade: A-
Steve’s Episode Grade: 2 thumbs
Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Oscar (Someone on the Recue Rangers has to die, right?)
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Maggie (Glenn seems to be on the path to becoming a full fledged BA. Losing his woman is the next step)