The Walking Dead - S02-E05 - Chupacabra

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"Oh baby, you, you got what I need..."

-Interesting flashback cold open. The military loves the smell of napalm in the morning zombie apocalypse. Seemed kind of irrelevant to the rest of the episode.
-All I took away from the flashback was how they met Carol and Sophia, other than that not much was given up. Military bombed the streets, but why, when did they decide this, how far along was the outbreak, were people told to leave? So many questions...

-Dear writers of The Walking Dead. Please conclude the Sophia storyline. It is getting to be RIDICULOUS and makes me angry and bored.
-The whole episode was rather slow...hopefully they get out of there and head of to the Fort as Shane mentions. Rick really needs to think about what Shane is saying and realize that it might be time to give up on the girl.

-Daryl falls down a hill and impales himself on his arrow. Ouch. Welcome to…

-Merle’s Redneck Reality Check. The hallucinatory return of Merle was interesting. After waiting for his return after his crazy off-screen escape last season, I was instantly reminded how much of an annoying, one-note character he is. I now kind of hope he either never comes back or is quickly dispatched once he does.
-I enjoy Daryl heavy episodes, and I think this one really developed him a bit more, as he is not a character in the comics all his back story has to be shown on the show. You start to understand why Daryl is so much different than Merle. Everything about Merle is redneck douchery, hopefully Daryl has it in him to resist acting upon what "Merle" suggested he do.

-It was bound to happen: Daryl gets some kind of reminder that he should be hating these people. I thought it would come once he met up with the real Merle again, not a version of him in his own conscious.
-Not sure why he all of a sudden choose to take the ears, this is a zombie apocalypse, not Apocalypse Now!

-Raw squirrel for lunch! Om nom nom nom!

-After Glenn’s standout episode last week, he does a complete 180 and becomes annoying, stupid and inconsistent. He becomes whiny and needy with Maggie, he confronts Lori about her pregnancy (seems out of character) and comes to Dale with the theory that all the women must be on their period because they are HELLA CRAZY, YO. Terrible.
-Seemed like a totally different guy, mind you during a zombie apocalypse falling in love with the first girl who sleeps with you might be a hard thing to fight.

-Not only does Andrea shoot Daryl (which is a terrible call) against everyone’s orders, she WAITS UNTIL HE IS SURROUNDED BY RICK, SHANE, T-DOG and GLENN before shooting. BRILLIANT. That being said, it was kind of funny thinking about what all Daryl went through to get back and he is welcomed by being shot. It’s like “Hey guys…I’m alive!...I….BANG”
-Everything about that scene made me hate Andrea a whole lot more, and I didn't think I could! Ironic that Rick is worried about Herschel seeing some zombie ears when he has a herd of zombies in his barn. Oh wait, spoliers...

-Writing secret sex notes to each other at the dinner table while everyone watches...GENIUS
-Well they were sitting at the kids table, might as well act like kids. But that was some of the worst note passing I have ever seen, he might as well just whispered to her.

-Visions of Merle aside, Daryl’s scenes are the highlight of an otherwise infuriating episode. The best scenes are the ones with no dialogue. This is often the case with this show.
-I was blown away at how terrible this episode was. Daryl was the highlight and the final scene will boil over into some good stuff in next weeks episode.

-Yup, the barn is full of zombies, being kept there presumably by Herschel until there is a cure found (as he told Rick awhile back). At least this should move the plot forward. Hopefully it gets Rick and the gang off the farm soon.
-That explains Herschel's hope for a cure, reason for no guns on the property, not letting Rick and the group set up shop in the barn, and overall sketchyness.

Blair’s Episode MVP: Daryl
Steve’s Episode MVP: Daryl

Blair’s Grade: B- (Daryl’s little adventure was the only thing that rescued this episode out of C territory)
Steve’s Grade: B (Found myself bored and easily distracted this episode)

Blair’s Deadpool Pick (next to die): Maggie
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Sophia (just get it over with) Unless Glenn and Maggie have a skirmish in the barn and someone gets thrown down to the herd....