The Walking Dead - S04-E10 - "Inmates"

The Walking Dead
Season Four, Episode Ten.

Let's take a ride on the Magic School bus!



"We can live here. We can live here for the rest of our lives." -Silly Beth, hope is for kids


I was talking with my friend at basketball this week about these past two episodes of The Walking Dead and we both had opposite opinions on which one was better. I really liked last week's focused episode while he found the emphasis on Carl to be annoying. He thought this week's was way better while I found it to be much more scattered and sloppy. Upon further reflection, I've decided one of the biggest reasons I liked "After" more than "Inmates" was because "After" seemed to have more of a beginning-middle-end structure while "Inmates" was more of a loosey-goosey, table-setting episode. It also didn't hurt that I loved the end of "After" while the ending of this week was pretty cheesy.


That's right. Judith is alive. Looks like I'll be watching this show for a while longer. As much as Judith's continued existence on the show will likely be a drag on the plot, I'm glad she's alive. I hope next season takes place twenty years later and Judith is just a huge badass zombie killer with Daryl as her badass 50-something uncle. Having an adult character in which the apocalyptic world was all they’d ever known would be interesting. The Walking Asskickers?

Let's break it down into the four groups we saw wandering around this episode, shall we?

Ironic Diary-Reading Beth is Ironic. Sad Daryl is sad.
Grade: C 

JUDITH LIVES! Carol lives! I was starting to get really upset when Lizzie almost suffocated Judith to keep her quiet. Of all the survivors of the prison, Tyreese got the roughest deal. Upcoming drama bomb: Tyreese finding out that Carol killed Karen. Also, what's Terminus? I hope it's not just another Woodbury.

This plot hinges solely on the unknown fate of Glenn and how (understandably) insane that is making Maggie. The cleaning out of the bus was well-executed but not much else happened.
Grade: B-

I'm probably just misremembering but how did Glenn get up on that ledge where he wakes up? Is it me or is Alanna Masterton, who plays Tara, doing a horrible job of acting? Glenn's sadness break before a picture of Maggie motivates him to keep moving was pretty clichéd and eyeroll-inducing.
Grade: D

Alright, Steve. Hit me with your best thoughts.

I'm pretty happy with this episode, it could be because I was right about a few things that came to light this episode. Talking with people at work I think I enjoyed this one more than "After". I like the whole before & after of the scenes, knowing everyone is so close to each other yet so far. I'll break it down a la Blair.

Not much here, I agree. Other than they misinterpreted the carnage by the tracks and end up heading in the opposite direction than Tyresse's group is instructed to go. SO they won't be meeting up any time soon.
Grade: 87

NAILED IT!! Totally called Tyresse having all the kids (Judith included)...only problem is the 2 little boys seem to be missing. In the last episode before the break the two little boys were last seen with the little girls who save Tyresse. I thought Ty would have all 5 kids.
I didn't see Carol coming back, other than the foreshadowing of one of the girls saying she wished Carol was here. Ask and you shall receive!
NAILED IT!! A LOT of people (well the two that I talk to at work about it) missed this but Lizzie is the rat killer. She is shown cutting up the little bunnies when they make camp while Ty and Mika deal with Judith. You might think it's to eat, but if you go back to when Daryl and Beth come to that location you can see the white fur in the log. The camera slightly zooms in on it once Daryl & Beth leave the shot. Crazy Lizzie is cray cray!
Grade: 95

Agreed, bus scene was well done. Crazy Maggie is crazy. 
Grade: 80

Apparently half dead Glenn thought it would be a good idea to get OFF the bus to get Maggie. Not sure how he couldn't see her when he got off as her, Sasha and Bob were in sight of the bus. They watched it drive off!! How did Glenn not see her run, in a straight line, from the bus to the car Bob & Sasha were using as cover? They should be the best off, as Glenn had all the time in the whole to load up his pack with supplies.
Grade: 75

Terminus: The happiest place on Earth?

- The cheesy entrance of the three newcomers at the end of the episode is headlined by Sgt. Abraham Ford, who from what I understand, is a notable character from the comics. That's all I know.
-Things I’m the most interested in: Rick and Michonne’s potential romance, Terminus, Carl getting a haircut, Daryl getting a haircut.
-Emily Kinney (Beth) was also noticeably bad in the acting department this episode.
- I too have been told that this guy is a comic book character that is pretty popular. Here's hoping
- Looking forward to; Terminus, where Daryl & Beth end up, Captn Mustachio, if Carol tells Ty the truth

Blair’s Episode MVP: Judith
Blair’s Episode Grade: B-
Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Beth
Steve’s Episode MVP: Carol
Steve’s Episode Grade: 90
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Tara