The Walking Dead - S04-E02 - "Infected"

The Walking Dead
Season Four, Episode Two.

"So I guess we another popsicle stick lamp?"

Okay, first thing’s first: HOW CUTE WAS BABY JUDITH PLAYING WITH THE PLASTIC CUPS!? Give that baby an Emmy! Totally stole that scene. So cute!



This season started with a lot of optimism. Time had passed. A community had been built. New relationships were blossoming. Farming!  Now, the lesson the show seems to be teaching us and the characters is that you’re in a zombie apocalypse…THIS IS WHY YOU CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. Just when you start to settle in and be happy…no soup for you. One little problem and everything starts going to the dogs zombies.

So it looks like the antagonist for this season, or at least the early part of it, is going to be…the flu! I think this can be an effective and scary adversary but only if they don’t drag it out too long. I’m expecting it’s more of just a catalyst to knock down the house of cards and either get them out of the prison or bring to light a new enemy (perhaps whoever is responsible for the rats and killing Karen and Other Sick Guy will develop into a short-term villain). For now, though, a deadly illness where victims become murdering threats after they expire? Pretty scary.

IF JUDITH DIES OF THE FLU I AM OUT. DONE. That’s a dealbreaker, ladies.

The stuff with the dying dad and the little girls was pretty gut wrenching. I had to go cuddle my puppy after that to cheer myself up. Good grief. On the plus side: thumbs up for more character development for Carol this season!

And finally, probably the most important development in this episode is the most obvious one…Rick’s resistance (and eventual reluctant return to) the violent, leadership lifestyle that keeps pulling him back in. Why can’t I just be a single dad farmer? cries the anguished expression Rick wears for most of the episode. Because you’re a damn SHERIFF! says the symbolism of Rick’s missing hat and gun.

What are we expecting going forward? Do we have anything to look forward to? Yes, we do! This is a good sign. Rick assuming more leadership duties. Tyreese on the warpath after the murder of Karen. How the flu and its subsequent wrath will thin out the community at the prison and whether they’ll have to leave or not. Oh, and more of that little cutie, Judy!

Who else is going to be down with the sickness in the coming episodes? Steve, what’s your diagnosis?

The happy baby Judith playing with cups was "suh cyuht" that we even gave a few to our nephew, and he LOVES them!

Well we knew that expired Harry Potter was going to do some damage...I was not expecting that! Taking out potentially more than half of that cell block should be a wake up call to the Council, as I will refer to the core group from here on out. Like you said Blair, the group has become too complaisant. Sheets to cover the cell doorways, no night watch, no patrols! Sloppy.

At first I thought the flu was a shitty cop out to get things rolling this season, but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. It makes sense, the apocalypse has been going on for some time now. They are in a prison, close quarters, low supply of medical facilities and drugs. Thinking about it now makes me wonder why it hasn't been an issue before. However I do hope that it is just a small story arc until we get our "big bad" of the season.

As for the rats, my money is on Lizzie, the little girl obsessed with Nick. The show was deliberate in showing the crayon drawing of her and Nick, and her break down about him being dead...redead? Deader? People have expressed doubt towards my theory, as the rats were fed at head height, but holding a rat above your head is not hard, and she is tall enough for that to work.

It's good to see Rick coming back to his rightful spot, it might take a few more episodes to get there but he is on his way. The B-S Turning Point was when he was running in to help in the attack you can see him instinctively reach for his no avail. That and the little pep talk from Daryl. Who by the way was the only one digging graves...which is quite the task for one man considering more than half that cell block was taken out.

I was substantially happier with the special effects this episode. Things looked a lot more polished as opposed to the issues I had with the season opener.


-With Daryl’s interactions with Beth in episode one and Carol this episode about him being okay, is this foreshadowing a mental break for him sometime in the future?
-What’s Michonne got against babies? Or is it something that stirs up painful memories? Did Michonne lose a baby? Too bad we still know practically nothing about her!
-I think Sasha might be  safe for now. The show wouldn’t kill off Tyreese’s girlfriend and his sister right after, would it? Right? Oh, man.
-Poor little piggies being used as walker bait. I was sad for them.
-A little more hinting at a potential relationship between Rick and Michonne. I hope if they do start getting romantic, Rick goes meta.

-As for the BBQ'd quarantine patients I am right out to lunch (pun intended). Who was it? When did it happen? Were they killed PRIOR to turning? 
-Michonne definitely lost a baby. She didn't want to hold Judith because she knew it would bring back terrible memories. Will we learn more about that?
-The pig scene was rough...I needed to hold my puppy after that, but that could be because my pug looks and sounds like a little pig. 
-How did Michonne get bested by two walkers? I was expecting her to jump off her horse slice the walkers with ease and proceed to help out. 

Blair’s Episode MVP: Judith
Steve’s Episode MVP: Three little piggies
Blair’s Episode Grade: B+
Steve’s Episode Grade: 80%
Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Dr. S.
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Lizzie