The Walking Dead - S02-E09 - Triggerfinger

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Gillette Windshields: The best a man can get.

Sorry every one, I dropped the ball last week on this one being a bit late.

-The cold open is such a tease! Getting our hopes up that the zombie will get Lori. Go, zombie, go!
-Serves her right for going out like that, who does she think she is? An important, fleshed out character that the series would have a tough time writing out? Silly Lori, heroics are for real characters!

-Dave and Tony had friends! Rick, Glenn and Herschel should have done a Weekend at Bernie’s-style routine in the bar window to convince them that Dave and Tony were alive. Totally would have worked.
-Totally would have worked...totally... I'm not sure what Rick was thinking when he shot them, they did mention there was a few of them last episode.

-Unfortunately, Lori prevails over two zombies.
-It was a bit tense, and I usually don't cheer for the zombies.

-Call me impatient but Rick and Co. took forever to get out of the bar.
-As is the style with this show, things seem to take longer than they should.

-Seeing the look on Carl’s face when everyone realized Lori had taken off alone after Rick made me hate her even more.
-I was not convinced with Carl at that point. Covering his mouth and running off like a little bitch. I thought he was tough guy Carl, ready to pull the trigger on anyone at a moments notice!

-Moody Daryl sucks. He is not going to win any episode MVP’s spending all his time brooding by the fire and lashing out at Carol.
-Ya, I like new Rick, but new Daryl is annoying.

-Maggie dashes past Herschel to hug Glenn. OH BURN.
-That made me smile a bit. Good for Glenn

-“It’s your presentation that leaves something to be desired.” – Andrea to Shane. EXACTLY.
-Is Andrea the only one who can get through to Shane? Her comment seemed to make him think.

-This Randall character (who sucks at jumping off roofs) is likely going to be the big contention point that catalyzes Rick and Shane’s collision course.
-Yes, his exit plan was terrible and failed miserably. If I was the guy in the truck I would have left him too for being an idiot and not having an easy exit planned out.

-LADY MACBETH ALERT! Lori tries to convince Rick that Shane essentially needs to be put down. This scene would have been more powerful if the show had taken more time to actually give us a better grasp on Rick and Lori’s relationship.
-I think it still worked though, mainly because of Rick's long, brooding stare off camera, fade to black.

-There is still a lot of dialogue and character motivation in this show that seemed too forced. The writers need to go watch some Breaking Bad and learn how to make the characters and the plot react to each other organically.

-I can’t believe they are still at the farm at this point in the season. Seriously, a change of scenery is needed.
-A change of scenery would be nice. As Rick and Shane tension starts to rise someone is going to leave...

-Let’s do a quick inventory. Characters who currently have nothing to do: Dale, T-Bone, Carol, Daryl. These four need to find something to do. Immediately.
-I'm sure they are doing laundry, fires....well that takes care of Daryl anyways.

Blair’s Episode MVP: The zombie who basically scalps himself to get through the windshield of Lori’s car. Valiant effort, buddy. I was rooting for you.
Steve’s Episode MVP: Herschel, he's a better shot than you would think for a guy that was just sitting at a bar downing whiskey for the last hour.
Blair’s Grade: B
Steve’s Grade: 80%
Blair’s Deadpool Pick (next to die): Carol
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: Randall. when they let him go all alone