The Walking Dead - S03-E08 - "Made to Suffer"

The Walking Dead
Season Three, Episode Eight.
"Made to Suffer"

It's been a long 10 weeks since Blair and I have had any reason to talk to each other, but that all changes this Sunday when we see the return of AMC's The Walking Dead.

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I did have the third season of Spartacus to keep me going. Between that and the last half of Walking Dead, Sunday's are going to be pretty intense.

So since I missed out on the review of the season break up I thought I would take this time to do a semi recap/review thing. For Blair's review you can check out his blog, here.

We see 5, soon to be 4 new survivors enter the jail. We later find out his name is Tyreese. Is this the comic book Tyreese? Of course with the addition of a new black guy we can only assume that our current TBG(token black guy) will be killed. T-dog -> Oscar -> Tyreese, they are like Highlander, there can only be one!

Rick and the gang get Glaggie out of Woodbury, with a few minor hick-ups, losing Oscar and Daryl in the fray. The show left off with them deciding whether or not to go back for Daryl, hopefully it isn't a hard decision as Rick had made it clear to Daryl that he needs him as his right hand. However, with the new addition of Tyreese it makes you wonder.... will Tyreese be Rick's new right hand? What does that mean for Daryl?

Speaking of Daryl how is he going to get out of his situation. I can't imagine the Dixon boys will fight each other to the death. Now that the Governor has ousted Merle I think his only loyalty left is to that of his brother. Will they work it out and manage to make it out? Will Rick come to the rescue? Will Merle join the gang? Will the Dixon boys leave on their own? What kind of tension would that put between him and Glenn?

Rick hallucinates seeing Shane, was that a one time thing from the stress of the battle, or has he not fully recovered from losing Lori?

Carl takes control like a boss and goes to save our new survivors. Also having the foresight to keep them quarantined for the time being. It will be interesting to see his development over the last half of the season.

Andrea finds out that the Governor, or Cyclops as I will call him now, is bat shit crazy. Finding him in his room of heads with his dead undead daughter.

What is going to happen to Merle and Daryl?! Does Rick get them out? Do both Dixon boys get out together?