The Walking Dead - S03-E10 - "Home"

The Walking Dead
Season Three, Episode Ten.

"Keep the change ya filthy animals!"

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Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!” –Harry, Dumb and Dumber

Actually, that’s not totally accurate. I was ready to stamp this one with a big fat C+ until the Governor came knockin’ on the prison door and while it did keep it from being a complete turd, it didn't save the episode completely. On this show, which excels at shock value and gory action, having an episode that is 80% characters hanging around talking to each other is never a good thing. It would be a great thing if the writing was better and the characters were more developed (which in turn would make the action and shocking deaths that much more effective) to take such a break as this episode did to explore the emotional aftermath of the last couple episodes. But, alas, Mad Men and Breaking Bad this is not, so the episode sputters pretty painfully until Axel takes a bullet in the noggin (two scenes in this episode were all it took to make Axel more of a character than T-Dog ever was).

Despite telling Andrea he was going to leave the prison alone, The Governor decides not to (surprise!), showing that even though he is going off the rails on a crazy train, he is still smart enough to run this little black ops mission to deliver a crippling blow to Rick’s gang. This way, Andrea and the rest of the town doesn’t find out he’s a bloodthirsty revenge maniac. Rick’s gang does look like they've got their work cut out for them now with a steady stream of walkers coming through the busted front gates and the breech where Tyreese came through. I hope the next episode starts with a montage of everyone cleaning out the walkers while whistling “Whistle While You Work.”

I thought the Super Dixon Bros. would spend a little longer away from the groups than this. But Daryl stands up to Merle and gives him no choice but to at least make an attempt to reform. We’ll see how that goes. I would be really excited to see show slowly and legitimately turned Merle into a good guy anti-hero, like Spike’s character arc on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This week on What’s Up With Woodbury: I’m not going to talk about Andrea and the Governor’s pet nerd Milton this week because it makes me want to cut myself.

I’m also not going to talk about Crazy Rick either. Ghost Lori is as annoying as Live Lori and she doesn't even talk!

RELATIONSHIP DRAMA UPDATE: Maggie tells Glenn to not be such a whiny butt hole and the audience cheers. I really hope Glenn stops being a raging douche sometime soon.

Coming up next week: Everybody Loves Merle! How is his membership application going to go over with the group?

Did you find most of this episode as agonising as I did, Steve?

While I wasn't as disappointed as you Blair, I found it to be a bit slow, up until the Crazy train pulls up to the jailhouse. My favourite scenes where the Dixon boys and the final shoot out.

Rick still seems to be slipping farther and farther away from reality. The scene of him coming out of the bush all frazzled to talk to Hershel reminded me of when you call a child's name and they come running from around the corner, "No, nothing is wrong. I was just, you know...doing...stuff...alone, nothing bad of course, just maybe don't worry about it." 

I'd like to think that with more appearances of the ghost of Lori past that Rick will sort it out soon. Last time he had a good ol phone conversation with Lori he seemed to smarten up...for a bit at least. Either way I hope Rick comes back soon. Glenn is not fit to lead the group, not with his relationship turmoil. However after the tongue lashing from Maggie it should make him stop moping about it.

The Dixon boys side story was short, I would have liked a bit more with just the two of them. Even in the short amount of time we do get a glimpse at their past. There seemed to be a bit of confusion when Merle ripped Daryl's shirt, the focus was on the scars, not the tattoos, which is a question that I saw come up a few times. This is when we learn that Merle had left home as he was sick of being beat by their father. He didn't know that dear ol dad had continued the punishment on his little brother. I think that might have been a bit of a turning point for Merle. He would always say how weak Daryl was but after seeing the scars and knowing he had gone through the same thing I think it may have brought them a bit closer. The best line was when Merle says something about Glenn and Daryl stands up to his brother, and stands up for his friend, in saying he is Korean.

Milton is a terrible liar! That is all that we really learned in Woodbury, that and the Gov is still using Andrea to do his bidding and keeping her in the dark.

In typical WD fashion as soon as a third string character gets a bit of development he dies. Poor Axel. However he does manage to still protect Carol, nothing like a good meat shield.  And all hell breaks loose. 
There's the zombie delivery truck. There's the Gov's military marksmanship from a fully automatic rifle. A head shot from well over 300 yards is no small feat, but I guess it was a lucky shot as nothing else was even close after that. There's Rick getting pinned down by the Gov's lacky, and then the walkers, and then the no ammo. Then the Dixon boys, right on time, surprise. There was also the person in the tower, that was the tower inside the main courtyard, past the perimeter fences, past the open field and past the secondary if that person made it all the way to the tower why not just break in and night and shank them all?

Hopefully next week Rick comes back after a good night's sleep. I think that is all he needs, all the stress and lack of sleep can cause hallucinations. That's all he needs and ghost of Lori past should be done with. We will see how the Dixon boys fit back into the mess. Maybe see Tyreese come back.


-The Governor, to Andrea: “That was some speech you gave there.” NO, IT WASN’T. IT WAS TERRIBLE.
-I'm over Woodbury and everyone in it. Rick needs to blow the walls out and let the dead come knocking.
-How are the vehicles always so clean? They always look they came right off the lot.
-Don't you know Blair? They clearly have bikini car washes.
-I hope to see the return of Tyreese and his wife/daughter(?)

Blair’s Episode MVP: Axel
Steve’s Episode MVP: Daryl
Blair’s Episode Grade: B-
Steve’s Episode Grade: 1 thumb
Blair’s Deadpool Pick: Still Andy and Ben (Does it count if they die off-screen? I feel like Tyreese is going to come back either alone or with only his wife)
Steve’s Deadpool Pick: the ghost of Lori past