Vast difference in my Vasa Deferens


**Graphic Warning**

The photos at the end of the post some people may find offensive. They are close up shots so you can't really see anything but you know what you're looking at.

**Graphic Warning**


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...A human being will exit your wife, so she’s done enough...
— Ryan Reynolds

I think of this quote when talk of vasectomies come up and people talk about not being able to do it.

With four kids we decided that that was quite enough madness. So we made the responsible decision of getting me snipped. Neutered. Firing blanks. Bob Barkered. "Devenomizing the cobra". "100% juice, no seeds".

Obviously I took pictures, to share with everyone, because that's what I do. Now, while graphic, these are not being posted to shock and disgust. I find that a lot of people my age don't know a lot about this sort of thing. This post is meant to educate.

When the choice comes up for permanent birth control between a couple there are a few options, the woman gets tied or the man gets snipped. All I know about the female procedure is that it can be lengthy and dangerous, it is a surgery after all.

As for the No-Scalpel technique that I got, it was fast and easy. I didn't feel a thing after the anesthetic. From entering Dr. Lohlun's clinic to walking out the door was a total of 20 minutes. 

Of that time quite a bit of it was waiting. We were in the waiting room for a few minutes then we were lead to the operating room. Told to drop trou and relax.

The Dr came in, made some small talk, remembered things we had talked about weeks ago during my consultation, asked about the kids. It's that sort of thing that really makes you feel comfortable, I wasn't just another patient to him. Believe me, this is a place where you want ever opportunity to be made to feel comfortable.

The Dr. applied the iodine, froze my sack and away we went. Lori and I were a little bit hesitant as they started off by bickering about what was on the television. I thought their attention should have been focused on the matter at hand but realized that they were waiting for the anesthetic to set in. 

The hardest part of the whole thing....

The hardest part of the whole thing....

He cut a hole in the sack, pulled out one of my vasa deferens, cut, cauterized, shoved back in, rinse and repeat.

The process was so easy and so quick. I even got bored at one point so went on Facebook. If you are thinking about doing it and are unsure about it know that it is way better than it used to be. Recovery is faster, success rate is higher and complications are lower. And Dr. Lohlun was awesome, I would recommend him to anyone that is planning on doing this.

graphic warning