Boys Room

Gotta love the long weekend. Time to sit down, relax, put your feet up....oh wait, nevermind, we have kids. No such thing as long weekends, only busier weekends.

For the last week our boys have been sleeping on their mattresses on the floor. Not because we are poor, shitty parents. We were waiting for their beds to come in. Also seeing as Cooper is only 13 months we thought it would be good training and wouldn't mattered if he rolled off. I mean it wouldn't really matter if he rolled of the bed either way. Kids are made of rubber and that boy  has a hard head. He would just land with a thud and roll over.

Well lucky me, they came in, and what do you know, Lori gives me a deadline. Nap time, 1 hour, better hurry. At least the deadline was for after we got the beds upstairs. That in itself took about 30 minutes. Having only your pregnant wife around to help carry a 300 ton box upstairs is less than ideal. We managed. Barely. There were laughs, tears, pulled muscles but after 30 past my deadline one was constructed. The other had to wait until after nap time, and didn't take as long. Throw in some Minion decals and we are rolling.

After the beds came the closet. Thankfully Grandpa took the kids for the night so we could work late into the night. Yay!!

Beds by daddy, headboards by mommy

Beds by daddy, headboards by mommy