One of those nights...

Come, take my hand. Follow me on a journey of mishaps and an incredible series of unfortunate events that might make you question having multiple kids. 

Here is the timeline of our night last night that somehow my wife and I survived;

Cooper starts crying, I go in to check on him. He's puked all over his bed. Ok, so into the bath for him. Strip the bed, get new sheets on. Put dirty ones in wash. Cooper comes down to living room to calm down. By this time Parker hears commotion downstairs so he comes down. We decide to watch Paw Patrol to relax. 

An hour and fifteen minutes later and both boys are back in bed. Good, that wasn't so bad.



After twins take down 2 bottles we figure out we've mismixed the formula, too much water.

Panic, Google, read forums, text momma Baer. 

Momma Baer would be my sister in law, our best resourse for all things baby. She is basically a baby encyclopedia, with an appendix for twins

Dismantle, clean, dry, reassemble Baby Brezza. 



We go up to bed with the twins. This time with proper mixed bottles. We get settled, starting to feed then we hear Parker call out for mommy and daddy. I'm sure he's fine, lets take a look, open the door,

"I made a mess." Bless his little soul.

This time Parker has puked all over his bed. Ok, Parker in the bath now, Cooper's a light sleeper so he comes into the bathroom to investigate. Ok, in the bath with him too. Strip bed, new sheets, new pillow.


Both boys are out of the bath. Get Cooper dressed and back in bed. He's not too happy about that, he's crying. Bring Parker's bedding down to laundry, switch over Cooper's bedding. Realize Cooper's bedding flooded the washing machine. 

Load Parker's bedding, sans comforter. 


The twins are now fed proper with proper formula. The problem that comes from formula that is too watery is that pee...a lot of pee. 

Change Lucas, lay him down on the bed while we finish with Sophia. He pees more, soaks his clothes, his swaddle, our comforter. Rookie mistake, pee pee was not down.

Change Lucas, swaddle him.

Change Sophia, swaddle her.

Twins in bassinet.

Parker has been up with us the whole time. That's ok, he likes to help.

Put Parker to bed, Cooper asleep. Notice he is almost falling out of bed. Move him. Mistake. He wakes up, cries.

Close door walk away. 


Mommy is in bed, exhaustion setting in.

Daddy is in garage, jotting down everything that has just happened in the last 7 hours.



House is quiet. 
Morning soon.... 


The twins wake up for feeding, as expected. Finish that with no problems.


"Daddy, I made a mess".... Shit, poor little guy. So now Parker is in bed with us, as we have no more change of sheets. With a towel under him of course.


Parker starts uncontrollable crying, I rush him to the toilet, just in time. 


Looks like daddy is up for the day.