What do you want it to be?

"We don't care as long as it's healthy."

Ever get that bullshit answer when you ask someone who is expecting what they want?

Then you are inevitably forced to back pedal with the whole, "Well yes, of course, I mean, obviously you want it to be healthy, but that's not what I meant..."

With two boys already we are really hoping for at least one girl. We've never  danced around that question. Not to mention the thought of having four boys scares the shit out of us!

Well, girls are really our second choice...this is a snapshot of the text message I got from Lori after her latest ultrasound...

Of course everyone wants a healthy baby. That's not what people are asking, it's kind of a given. Everyone involved with the conversation knows that a healthy baby is the primary concern. The point of the question is generally a great ice breaker that can then transition to names, then into what hobbies and/or sports. 

Can you really tell me you don't care what it is? Really? With 100% honesty?There isn't that little something deep down inside that makes you wish for one or the other. You haven't laid in bed thinking what it will be like to give your daughters hand to another man? You haven't been in the shower and smirked at getting a call from the cops to come pick up your son? You haven't thought about swimming lessons and how your little mermaid baby would excel and crush the competition? I have a hard time believing that you don't care what the sex is.

So next time someone asks what you hope you are having just answer the question. Let's all just assume that a healthy baby is obvious,