As a soon to be parent of twins let me tell you something, Singletons are the worst. A singleton is a parent of one child. A single, lonely, spoiled child. Poor, poor child. We all know these Singleton assholes. They brag and boast about their sole child. Everything they can do, every thing that is impressive about them. But the worst thing about singletons? The WORST thing? When they complain about how hard it is. Really? You're having a rough day?

My wife and I's favorite game to play is to find and laugh at singletons. Our family swarms around them and we push them back and forth between us while our kids point and laugh at their single crying child. Then we all go for ice cream.

"Step up your parenting game Singleton! You weak bitch" is what we like to yell at them...from inside our car or under our breath.

All joking aside this all spawned from a Facebook group my wife is a part of. It's a group that is specifically for parents of twins. We have read through the posts and comments and find that parents of twins seem to think they are in some elite group. A group of mystical breeders that have been imbued with the power of Gemini and that makes them better than you Singleton. It's a very strange phenomenon that we have noticed.

You Singletons and Multipons can both step your game up!! Come at me when you have four!