Groot's Movember Adventure



 This year, with my insta-family and the birth of our twins on the horizon this event is even more important to me. Men's health is important. Your health is important. 

The days of "walking it off" and "pour a little salt on it" are over.

Take charge of you body and you life. If not for yourself, then for your loved ones.

Those that depend on you. 

When I turned 30 this last September I booked my first full doctors appointment. Tests, blood work, urine samples, the works (No, not that test though, Dr. says I don't need that test just yet)

For the last 5 years I have been a part of and captain of our office team. 

My Page | My Team

Donations can be made to either link.

Movember is dedicated to raising awareness of men's health issues.

The Facts - Prostate Cancer | The Facts - Testicular Cancer

The Facts - Physical Inactivity | Poor Mental Health

Thanks, Happy Growing.

With a great mustache comes great responsibility
— Uncle Mo

About midway through our Movember fund raising my dear Groot was toynapped. I received this on Monday morning. The demands were simple, donate to our Movember team.

For the weeks that followed my little Groot went on a grand adventure.

Movember update

With Movember coming to a close I am again blown away by the teams commitment and drive. Last year (2014) our team raised $10,000. This year (2015) with a late start and a smaller team we somehow managed to beat that! At the time of posting we managed to break the top 100 for all teams nationally.

For teams under 10 nationally we hit the 25th spot. Pretty damn impressive for a 5 person team.

Great job team. Let's do it again next year.