Terra Nova

Last night I watched the 2 hour premeir of Terr Nova. The premise is that it is the 22nd century, Earth is on the edge of total environmental collapse. Scientists have discovered a rip in the timeline which they have been using to send people 85 million years into the past. Their job, to set up a new colony and start over. A new Earth, Terra Nova. The story starts with the Shannon family being selected for the 7th pilgramage to Terra Nova.

The show itself leaves a bit to be desired in the acting department, as well as the writing is a bit corny and land in some areas. Troubled family getting a "new start" is not a new story arc, and it seems forced at times. The CGI and green screening is a bit amature, considering the advanced state of the two it would seem like they could have put a bit more work into it.

The action scenes do get a bit intense, as fighting dinosaurs does. This is the main reason I was interested in it. Wether or not I stick with it is yet to be determined, but it does have my attention for now.