Calgary Expo 2014 pics

This past weekend was the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Here are a few shots from the weekend.

Optimus Prime

Thor & Gambit

Daenerys, Scarlet Witch, rando, Cap America



Zombie Nazi

Daenerys(?) Batman, Spiderman

Thor & Loki

Subzero, this guy was fantastic!

Rogue & Cap

Ms Marvel, Storm trooper

Hobgoblin, Goku, Borderlands guy, Nightwing(?)

Annie, there were a few Annies but she was the best by far!

Deathstroke and Deadpool. Matching characters from opposing universes.

Ironman and woman

Close up

GARGOYLES!! They could even open their wings up. Huge wing span.

Vegeta & Goku battle for the lady

Cap seems to have lost his shield

Faith from the game Mirror's Edge

Some Spartan'sand a grunt

Spidey dad with his little Doc Oc

Ruby from Rooster Teeth's anime


The next Nigri?

Darth Vaderette & Leia

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Can you see them both? People walking by didn't, until they got the shit scared out of them!

No Heart & Shreeky

Ezreal & Nidalee. These guys were great! I saw them later with a Fiddlesticks but never got a shot.


More League characters

My creeper shot of Jess Nigri

I liked her...

Deadpool Mau5, or would it be Deadmau5 Pool?

The Falcon and some Airbender girls

Link & Gannon


Pheonix, Storm, Psylocke, Domino

Green Goblin & some warrior 

Androids 17 & 18. Got a little flirty look from 18 after this pic!

Loki & Lady Sif

King Leonidas

Steampunk Ghostbuster

Jessica Rabbit


Sailor scouts

Batgirl, Belle, Sailor Venus

Ryu & Akuma

WoW Troll & Drogo

Daenerys & Joffrey


Power Rangers

Captain Canuck and the Mrs

2 Jedi and ... this guy

zombie kid & Vader

This was a fully werable costume and the lady could control some of the animatronics on the big guy

Bunny being assassinated

Loki & some kids

Skyrim Daedric armor. I wonder how many daggers she crafted to get this...

Comic con porta potty griffity

The Mask

Pheonix and a classy Wlverine

Bubble Head Nurse & Pyramid Head

Laurie Holden & Mike Rooker at the Walking Dead panel

Final Fantasy peeps


Ash(ley) from Army of Darkness

Windup Joker and Harley Quinn


And here are a few more pulled from Twitter;

Some alternate Sailor scouts

C3P0 and some troopers

Princess Charming proposing to Cinderella. A real proposal, she said yes

a battle damaged Trooper

Send in the clones

Dun dun dun dun dun dun...doesn't translate to as well when typed...

Joan Rivers!! Not sure if she was real or it was a mask...but then again that's tough to tell anyways. Am I right?

Lego peeps

Lindsay Elyse, as a Poro I believe


The march

Chewie and some Troopers

Super heros

Mayor Nenshi

, Monika Lee,

Felicia Day

, Jessica, Lindsay, Tig & Bobby from SoA

That's it for this year! Thanks for looking.