Edmonton Comic Con

This weekend was the first Edmonton Expo. I was impressed with the turn out considering the short prep time and notice of the con.

One booth there that I wish I had taken a picture of was for TUGS, any nerd from Drumheller would know that name. That place brings back memories of pogs, Marvel trading cards and Spawn comics.

All in all the con was fun, it was also the first time I had dressed up for a con. Judging by the number of times I was stopped for pictures I would say it was a success.

Pictures after the jump, check em out.

The Joker and Rorschach, DC unite!

This was Darren's cousin's booth.

Phoenix Scroll Saw Art

Amazing stuff! Check it out, I have 2 pieces now.


The beautiful and talented Jessica Nigri

Batman group. The Batman was fantastic, as was the Catwoman.

Bane was missing a little something

This is my friend Danny's LARP group. 


Check them out if you are interested in LARPing

Rorschach, Gabriel Popescu and his crew 

Various movie props

There were 2 other Rorschachs at the con. I think I was the better of them 

Black Cat, Rorsch, Domino, Rogue

Flamboyant Tony Stark


This was a good group. Pretty sure they were at Calgary's con as well

Next is a group of Deadpools,

A gaggle? A herd? A Pack?

A murder of Deadpools!

I loved that they all played the Deadpool roll. Being goofy trouble makers. 

The Joker and I got a photobomb in 

A few Gears and a slave Leia, in fact I think it was the only slave Leia

A little free advertising

If the Bane from above had this coat he

would have been the best by far.

Mmmm Zero Suit

Little Spidey dude

Rorsch and Goku

A very nicely done Peach

Probably the best cosplay I saw this weekend. Big Sister from Bioshock

Poison Ivy

Ed scissor hands

Doctor from Assassins Creed

Bad ass Red Skull