Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2012

Last weekend was the annual Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. A weekend for nerds, geeks, dweebs and the like to come together for a weekend of entertainment, enlightenment, frivolous spending, amazing costuming and above all else, a chance to be ourselves and not have to worry about the ridicule from the "cool kids". 

I know plenty of people who would laugh, mock or otherwise scoff at the idea of such a convention being fun or popular. 
Alice from the game Alice: Madness Returns
To you I say, take my hand and follow me down the rabbit hole, into the wonderful world of cons, cosplay and creativity....

Steampunk family on the train.
On the train, Saturday morning, already seeing signs that it will be a great weekend. The family that cosplays together, stays together.

At the con, we decide to walk around a bit while we wait for our friend still in line.

The  Delorean for Back to the Future
There were quite a few steampunk cosplayers this year, if you are interested in the steampunk genre check out the Calgary Steampunk Assemblage.

Cosplayers being interviewed

I never remember the characters name, but this costume always gets into my top 5.
Found him!

Simon from Gurren Lagann, ???, Edward Scissorhands
This Edward was great, he had the nervous finger twitch and the shuffled walk, really great.

Red Skull and Darren

The Red Skull's make up was amazing, 10/10!

The Sheik and Link from The Legend of Zelda

Wandering through the halls looking for our buddy still in line we
came across a Nazgul and a hobbit battling it out along with the TARDIS from Dr Who.

 This was teh scene outside the doors, a mere 45 minutes before we would all get the bad news...

Hexadecimal gets my top pick for favourite costume for the whole weekend. It was fantastic!

One of many Star Trek: TNG panels 

This is a panel we dipped into while waiting for our buddy. That's Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton and Levar Burton, also known as Data, Wesley Crusher and Geordi LaForge.

Maria and Luigina
Cloud and Sephiroth from the FF series


The powerful women of DC strutting their stuff.

Catwoman(?) and Emma Frost

Sub-Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat

These guys ranked pretty high on the list.

Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn; Gotham City's finest

At this point it was getting rather crowded, so we decide to head outside for some air...

Only to find we are not allowed re-entry! We wander the grounds looking for a way in or answers at least.


Chell, she made it out!!

Part of the main hall

Black Cat and Emma Frost

Impressive wing span

At this point we had found out that the Fire Marshall Had shut the con down for being over capacity. We were all told to go home as they were done for the day. Needless to say we didn't leave. There were cosplayers to photograph! So we continued to wander the Stampede grounds

Spartan, sniper class

Mini Spiderman

This guy was cool, he let me touch his armour and guns and grill him with questions. Very nice and willing to talk.

The Rangers were out in full force.

We make our way back to the main doors and find this line, apparently the Fire Marshall had re-assessed the situation and was allowing people in slowly. This is us midway through the line.

The next batch of pictures are all during our time waiting in line. I'm pretty sure we spent more time in line than actually in the con that day. However, that is the plus side to the CCEE, waiting in line definitely is not boring.

This little padawan was running up to every Star Wars character
 he could find asking for pictures, he was pretty rad.

Including this pilot and Boba Fett

 Outside I ran into a Marvel cast of heroes and villains

Mini Bane with the Punisher

Silver Sable and Elektra

Captain American and Dr. Doom

 Were there's cosplay, there's furries!

Cap America, unmasked
Red Skull

Winter is coming.

Casual Wolverine
On his days off Vader likes to stroll the con grounds
Pilot and Boba Fett

We finally make it back inside the con!!

Darren, Yoshi and Nate

Skeletor and He Man

Captain Gavin Capacitor

Guy from Trigun(?)

Emma Frost and Rogue
plus the Blackcat

Hank McCoy aka the Beast. This guy gets into my top 5 too.

Steampunk Batman

Warhammer dude

A very good classic Catwoman

Classic Batmobile
John 117
Shepard, there was also a Femshep right in front of him

One of the lesser Deadpools, Ghost, and Hellboy

This guy moved and had the very creepy laugh

This guy was there at the end. Nothing like ending the day on a creepy note.

Sunday we decided to get there earlier to avoid any issues...however so did everyone else.

Looking towards the front of the line

Looking at the back of the line

A very detailed Zelda

Someone should tell those Jedi that they are being robbed

Epic line calls for an epic battle

In the middle we have Billy West and John Di Maggio, the voices of Fry and Bender from Futurama

Bounty Hunters

Cap America, Deadpool, Loki, The Hulk


Spiderman on over watch

Babydoll from SuckerPunch, ???

Lara Croft. I think she filled out
her costume quite well



Lil Batman


Ajay Fry, the host from InnerSPACE and Michael Rooker at the Walking Dead panel

Right after the Walking Dead panel was what I had been waiting for....the godfather of the Marvel Universe and many of your favorite super heroes. Mr. Stan Lee!

This card was presented to Stan as a
thank you for coming to Calgary

It was filled with comments from con goers

Standing ovation for Stan. It was awesome!!
I may or may not have gotten a little emotional at this point.

Some cosplayers getting interviewed

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

He got a lot of attention.

She also was getting a bit of attention

I found her in Calgary!! Of all places

Add caption

Lego Darth Maul

I read about this family in the paper later, Apparently when ever they became separated the Hulk (mom)
would yell out "Avengers, assemble!" and the family would come running.

And so ends another Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Until next year Calgary. Hopefully you can sort out a bigger venue next time.