My life as a gamer....

I have always been a very imaginative kid, monsters, fantasy, myth, they all excited me and I loved the worlds and adventures you could create with them. So it was only natural for me to sway towards gaming, a genre where you can be the hero of your own adventure. Throughout my life I have stopped zombies from eating my neighbors, placed 1st in races on land, sea and in space while listening to rock and roll, thwarted countless terrorist invasions, slaughtered countless boars and the list goes on. Now if you can pick out those references then you too are a nerd.

While I have owned a great deal of video games systems I never had them all, but that's what friends are for! I would go to my friends to play their NES and Sega, I had the SNES, that they intern came over to play.

The Nintendo 64 is where my love of shooters started. We would have weekend long sessions of Goldeneye 007, and Perfect Dark.

I've had both PlayStation and PS 2, all I remember from them was the Twisted Metal series. The memories of PlayStation are lost due to,

The Xbox. The original beast of a black box, along with Halo changed gaming for me. Massive worlds, amazing characters, lush colors, and the multiplayer. Xbox and Halo's matchmaking paved the way for online gaming in the console world. Being able to hope online and play with anyone in the world in a matter of minutes was amazing.

I have been a console gamer through and through, however I did have a PC stint for a few years. It was the infamous World of Warcraft, I had dabbled in the original RTS and enjoyed the lore so I figured I would give it a try, after years of fighting the temptation. It almost consumed my life, at one point I was the top warlock in my guild, playing for hours every night. Now even though this game has destroyed many lives, as the news loves to point out, I managed to get out while I could, quit cold turkey after years of raiding, looting and fwooshing. There are a number of things I learned and took away from the game, I might get into those in another post, but the thing that has stuck with me is the friendships, this will also be covered in another post.

After so many years of WoW I realised that I had lost touch with my Xbox, I didn't know what new games where coming out, I had missed playing some amazing games, and I just missed it in general.

Since then I have been an Xbox fanboy!