E3 Microsoft Media Briefing highlights

This morning E3 kicked off and to start the press briefing first is Microsoft, my favorite. Below I will go over some of the highlights with links to for your viewing pleasure.


All links are from this video, if you want to watch it in it's entirety, 1:48:12.
If not continue on for quick links to specific times in the video.

Before the briefing started there was a pre show with Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson in which, among other things, they talk to one of guys from 343 Industries about Halo 4, that is here.

To start the briefing off strong it opens with Halo's trade mark live action trailer.

Which flows seamlessly into game play footage.

Up next is game play for the new Splinter Cell game, Blacklist.

The stream cut out during the FIFA 13 demo, so I found it here. Looks awesome with the Kinect voice integration. Might be the first soccer game I play since Supper Soccer!

A Madden demo is after the FIFA one, but that isn't a highlight to me. But check it out if you enjoy your Madden.

A new Fable game is shown next, The Journey, is totally Kinect controlled by the looks of it.

I didn't even know this next one was coming, one of the reasons I love E3 is some stuff is kept so tight lipped that you don't hear about it until the event. I give you the world premier of Gears of War Judgement!

That was followed directly by Forza III: Horizon.

Bing search has been improved...not that anyone would notice, does anyone use Bing on their Xbox?

Next they went on to talk about new partners in entertainment; Nickelodeon, Paramount Movies, and Machinima.

Now for all you sports lovers, Xbox Sports is adding more partners, last year they started it off with the UFC, this year they added MLB. Coming soon to Xbox there will be NBA and the NHL.

ESPN on Xbox is getting bigger and better.

Take a look at what sports will look like on the Xbox with in the coming year.

Xbox Music is going to get a lot bigger and better too.

Kinect is starting to step up too. With another new partner to the Microsoft family, Nike and Nike+

This next shit is bananas...all I can say is watch this and be blown away by Xbox SmartGlass.

New Tomb Raider origins style game looks great...in more ways than just game play.

A bunch of Twisted Pixel game premiers.

New Resident Evil 6 preview

A new South Park RPG, yes, you read that right. The Stick of Truth.

Dance Central 3 was shown, followed by a performance by Usher for some reason...

To close off the event they show another big name, CoD Black Ops 2, and again, Xbox will receive new content before the other consoles.

That was it for Microsoft. Remember a while back I made a post about how Xbox wants to take over your living room? Well if you don't believe me after all of the above then you are crazy.